Online Ranked Racing

This game has such a broken online racing Community. Think you built a nice S1 , A , or B class? think again because everyone you compete against will use the same car in every category tuned by the same person , giving the same result across the board. Its the FXX in S1 or The Lotus GT1 in A class or the S2000 in B class or NOTHING. point is there is no competition, you find the tune for one specific car and boom , you have the answer to every category of online racing. Its not even fun to race online because you have to use someone elses tune in order to be on the podium. Why cant you just pick a car , upgrade it and be competitive somewhat , why does it have to be a META tune or NOTHING. This is supposed to be THE racing game , yet you can find more competitive racing on Roblox.

So what do you suggest? Balance all cars/tunes to perform equally? Wouldn’t this defeat the point of tuning if all cars behave the same?

Most games I play have meta classes/builds. It’s fairly common. It also doesn’t mean you have to play meta to win.

In terms of this game there is no ranked racing so IMO it really doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s more about having fun.

Also not sure why your title says ranked racing. Again there is no ranked racing.

It is not about having a meta or not but the size of the gap between them.
usually if the game put a bigger slipstream can pull the gap smaller.

In S1 I feel like the unbalance maybe cause by non-road/race tire build.
Some handling car+rally tire save pi for extra power.

If you/everyone ignore S1 meta like FXX and NSX-R GT and ford gt. The rest of the list around 2.0-2.2 are quite balance.
Which is happen sometime in online lobby.

Beside buff/nerf cars I suggest let player open a public custom lobby that can be change rules or ban/allow cars.

In project cars 3 people did this to ban sesto in GT class

This. This solves so many issues, gaps, etc it’s not funny. I swear this game would be exponentially better simply by adding custom lobbies that are fully configurable.


Without a Ranked mode I would generally agree that balancing doesn’t need to be on point.
But the difference between meta and non meta is so extreme it can lead to frustration even in regular online racing.

Jezza and I are on the same pace so I just use his S1 Copper Canyon time as reference. 2:19 in the NSX.
There are numerous S1 cars (so no low class cars butchered into S1) that are 10+ seconds slower. The new NSX for example, Jaguar CX-75 and so on.

On A800 it’s the same. 2:41 in the NSX/Shaker/boring centrifugal V8 GTRs, Imprezas and Evos vs 2:52 in stuff like a Hellcat Charger.
The new RC F a high 2:49 because the acceleration is god awful. Everyone wanting to test it online will have a bad time.

To make up these gaps via skill requires a huge skill difference.
If I play online in one of my favourite A800 cars and see a somewhat decent driver in one of the meta stuff I immediatly know #1 will be off the table.

The PI system has come to its limits in this game and seriously needs an overhaul. Every added modern lower class car (up to A800) won’t stand a chance against the meta.

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Idk I just feel there’s a lot of unnecessary attention on winning which is silly to me when there’s no proper match making, let alone ranked racing. There’s a reason why the leaderboard doesn’t rate players on wins, rather time spent playing.

So whether or not a car is op doesn’t really matter to me personally because I’m not matched with equally skilled opponents to begin with.

They need to first focus on: proper match making, then ranked racing, then balancing/excluding cars

They haven’t even done step 1 yet because they know where it’s headed. They know this requires work which will result in more work. So stop it in it’s tracks and put a label of “toxic” on ranked racing. Mislead the community around why ranked was excluded. Problem solved. No need to balance cars.

would you mind sharing any tune for the NSX/GTRs Imprezas or Evos I can do Copper Canyon in less than 2:42 with ? :>

Yes the system heavily favours power/weight and acceleration but this also comes with a high skill ceiling. If you know what your doing with the system you can get somewhat near to meta pace with non meta builds, but in a game like this of which 95% of it’s player base doesn’t have a clue what they are doing and nor do they care about their own ability, it doesn’t really matter.

Your take on meta tune or instant LOSS is your own insecurity and need to win all the time. If a guy out front is winning all the time in a strong build let him go and do it.

Most of the online space in this game is not racing anyway, as there is barely any valid competition. Most capable guys out front are simply competing with themselves and if I decide I want to give them a run I will just pull out a swapped, Forza aero build and that’s it. Quit trying to mould other player’s intent of how they play to your own, and just focus on your own driving.

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Some of my favourite races are the ones I lost and that we laughed about. It’d be nice to have lobbies and better matched cars, but I agree there’s so much emphasis on winning when the beauty I find is the racing itself. ** When the cars/skill is matched and balanced right. Against some people it’s more fun to drive a stronger car, against others weaker.

Lobbies make this easier to control in my opinion.

Obviously still wanna win but not by 10+ seconds. Also nice to drive something more modest and not get left chewing the dust haha.

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I had mentioned in another thread pretty close to the same topic to have a skills ranked system.
You choose - tourist, you race against those who choose the same rank.
You choose unbeatable, they are your competition.
Sounds Great! - So easy!
But- got immediately flamed because dishonest racers will drop the rank just so - as mentioned so many times - they can have the easy win.

The honor system - nope, not in this climate.
It would be really nice though if someday, we are able to open race with our own skill level.

its not about winning its about being competitive. you simply cannot take a A class car , make it A800 yourself , and be even remotely competitive. its either use the meta tunes that can be found on the marketplace for tuning or just accept the fact that you cant compete. If I wanted to win i would just get in my FXX or my GT1 and win. 90% of all cars in each category are useless for online racing because of this.

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The Cobra Daytona is a good example. I just crashed head on in the rain against a field of much much better drivers in a good team with well built muscle cars. But this thing is crazy and dragged me to victory kicking and screaming anyway just because it’s a Cobra Daytona haha. I know I didn’t really win there.

That’s subjective and dependent on the player. I can practically drive anything and be competitive against those I’m currently matched with. Because rarely am I matched with players of my skill level. So all I’m saying is they should focus on proper match making first before trying to balance cars.

Ketch for the NSX-R GT and skyinfin for the '04 Evo and GTR R34.
Don’t know if they are still available. Something on Rallye tires, with the centrifugal V8 and a good front & rear aero setup should do. You could check Bard or Howzer.

Kettch’s tune for the NSXR GT is amazing. I can take almost any corner at full speed. But it features only 350hp and the overall acceleration is way too low. This tune is amazing for slow circuits but not for sprints like copper canyon. Best I could do was a low 2:46. I couldn’t find any tunes by skyinfin.
I tested countless tunes for the R34 but none of them worked for me so far. They end up being either understeery as hell (which doesn’t make any sense at all since the R34 has rear wheel steering) or too slidy while taking corners at higher speed.

im 100% positive that no matter who you think you are , you can not compete with a META tuned car in a car that you tuned yourself. you might think youre competing but you arent , there is no way to win against meta tuned cars in online racing , unless youre in a meta tuned car yourself. thats not racing at all. so IMO they need to make online racing much more competitive before worrying about “proper matchmaking”. nobody wants to play online racing because its so fixed.

my take is just simply reality. again its not about winning… I want to have a close race with every player that doesnt make a mistake, cars should be wheel to wheel and passing eachother several times in a race , because thats what racing is… if someone is miles ahead obviously there is nothing else to do but “let him go do it”. Youre missing the point , each category lacks competition unless you use someone else tune, the homologation is so vague it makes the racing dull and boring. every car in B class should be so closely matched that its down to driver error , yet like someone here said The Daytona will recover from the stupidest of mistakes and completely stomp out the competition. Forza Motorsports do NOT have this problem on the same level as Horizon

no one is trying to “mold other players” youre just bothered by my suggestion for my balanced cars , (which is one of the most requested things on this forum) for whatever reason. I already said , if i wanted to win i would just get in an FXX or GT1 and win using the meta tunes. But the point is going right over your head, the margin between The FXX and a Forza aero tuned S1 is monumental , thats a fact lol.

Take me out of the equation. A new inexperienced player driving a meta car would get lapped by an experienced player driving a lemon. Proper match making is critical for competitive racing. If you disagree then so be it but I’m not going to waste my breath trying to convince you otherwise.

Dude I’ve wanted balance for 8 years since FH2, guess what nothing has yet to change because we are no longer the target audience. Yeah racing should be a case of driver error, but the system simply doesn’t cater to those small margins nor has it ever unless things like swaps and aero mods have temporary restrictions placed on them. Until then it will never change.