Where's Ranked Racing? New Ranked Racing Mode Ideas

As of now Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t have any form of ranked mode implemented for the more serious racers of fh5. This kind of leaves competitive racers with no real place to go. I have got some ideas for a new ranked mode that can be implemented into to fh5. I think what would be awesome is if each class had some restrictions as for what upgrades and stuff that can be put on it. Say for example in S1 class, you could make every car have to be on its stock drivetrain (i.e If a car comes rwd then you can’t swap it to something else like AWD), have certain op engine swaps restricted like the racing V12, restrict tires compounds like drift and limit horsepower amount to say 800hp. Each class can follow this formula with limiting horsepower, keeping stock drivetrain and restricting op engine swaps mentioned by the community. This would make racing a lot more fair and competitive. On top of this the way the mode can decide ranking could be by position finishes in each race. Depending on where you finish you could get more or less points. Say you get first, you earn 12 points where if you finish last you lose 12 points. And you could also get matched up with players with similar amounts of points. Truly finding which players are equal to your racing skill. Lemme know what you guys think and if theres anything I missed or any ideas of your own. Let’s get a ranked! Go team Forza!

I’ve got an idea of how they can add back ranked racing. Just add it back. Thanks.

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