Ranked racing and drifting/ Custom drift races

Ok I wanna start with the fact I understand why ranked competitive was removed from horizon 5… but the fact that it was removed makes me not want to play… the game isn’t fun to me anymore (I don’t think I’m speaking for just myself on this)

Putting rwd and awd in the same drift lobby causes so much more anger than ranked has ever caused with trolls in every lobby(not saying I haven’t done this) the moment someone is getting 100s of thousands more points than the rest of the lobby people quit and by the end of the third race there’s only a few left in the lobby… not fun

Adding custom drift event availability to the game would resolve alot of this turmoil allowing us to compete amongst ourselves with the self creation of fun new tracks… you put all these wonderful formula drift cars in the game and a questionably good drift story… but nowhere for us to have actual competitive fun with any of this… it’s unfair ganting access to all the custom racing and then not having drifting in there??.. not fun targeting a whole community of casuals and “cry babies” (I’m crying now so I’m talking about myself too) there are people who would have 10 times the amount of fun just adding that one thing (custom drift events)

But if competitive drift becomes a thing… please for the love of God don’t mess it up

B class rwd
A class rwd
S1 rwd
S2 rwd

Circuit track 5min
Sprint race
Circuit track 5min
Sprint race
Circuit track 5min

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