No Custom Open Drifting, Seriously?

So the custom races are only for racing and no drifting, what a let down and fail.

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Well, there are only 2 options for Open Drifting, so it’s not as much of a problem over there. It would save some time, though.

so true man, we should be able to chose awd or rwd lobby since most people abuse awd + drag tire cheat build where you can’t spinout, get insane acceleration, and longest handbrake slides… so unfair for rwd drifters… :frowning:


I have a couple hundred AWD drift tunes I have created and shared and I don’t think even one of them uses drag tires, I found the drag tires to be unreliable for drifting and they tend to act squirrelly. I either use the snow tires or stock, depending on the lesser grip of the two.

God Bless

They should make awd and rwd sections for both racing and drifting. I love to race with rwd, its more fun and alot harder. But compared to awd in a race its no match. In fh4 i liked awd drifting more but in fh5 i really like rwd but same there compar3d to a good awd tune and driver there is no match.

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I agree if we’re talking about dirt or cross country, but RWD is very viable on road. You won’t beat the absolute meta cars, but in most cars RWD will beat out AWD on tarmac.

Sure you get destroyed on launch, but you handle better at higher speeds and can carry more speed through corners, along with usually having better power to weight.

Biggest issue I find is passing people who have no scruples about driving dirty and are usually heavier than you are. But if you’re looking at it from a lap times/raw potential perspective, RWD is dominate in most cases.

All that said though, I do 100% support drivetrain restrictions, for all game modes.

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OK since im not able to make new topic for some reason ill try to bring this up in here, AWD GYMKHANA / POWERSLIDING SHOULD BE ADDED TO PLAYGROUND CATEGORY, due to current awd drivetrain and drag tire abusers situation, they are dominating drift events. Look for any drifing comp in real life, do you see anyone using awd car? NO! Also, after changing drifting events to rwd drivetrain only devs should add proximity to other driver score bonus, perfect line, clipping points bonus, and ranked system in future. I know driving rwd is not easy, but trust me its way more rewarding when you save that backie entry using clutch/handbrake/throttle control compared to awd full throttle countersteer where you can’t spinout… Also CAN WE PLEASE HAVE JZX 100 MK2???
yes it is complaining ,but please listen up to community instead of shadowbaning them playground games :slight_smile:


I can’t be the only one who doesn’t want to drift in freaking A Class…
Just let us choose what drivetrain and class we want. RWD S1, AWD S2, etc.
I also hate how when you exit and search for a different session, it just brings up the same one. Like BRO I JUST PRESSED EXIT BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO DRIFT IN A CLASS :skull:

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I drift RWD. #88 RTR Mustang is where it’s at. But I can’t do well with RWD when I’m going up against a bunch of meta drift cars with AWD, Drag/Snow tires, and 1400+ HP. We need to be able to choose class, and drivetrain.
Edit: Also, FH4 had different lobbies for RWD and AWD, why can’t we have it in 5?

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exacly! if this is allowed in drift events, why don’t the devs let S1 race against B class for example? awd in drifting gives way bigger advantage compared to racing, willy jeep, bentley 8l… Drag tires should add grip, now it is used by awd drivers to get 2x longer handbrake slides, and insane acceleration compared to other tire compounds…

Fh5 online is a joke fh3 had better drift lobbies because we actually had online seasons instead of this random people spawning in nonsense also had rwd and AWD lobby’s before why they removed it is beyond me and now everyone uses drag tires and AWD to power slide so no one can actually drift anymore. It’s full of sweats who just use the car that gets points not the car they actually like it’s sad. Online is depressing and lonely now only good thing is no ai crashing into u all the time.

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when i create new drift build, i go to in myltiplayer for test and open did not S900, started A800 and i can’t testing my new build or why in game here time attack (on russian “СОПЕРНИКИ”) but don’t here analog mode for drift? why in game in one lobby AWD and RWD? AWD this is meta vs RWD.
why i can’t create evenet lab in drift mode or started custom race for only my convoy in drift?

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