Well, it happened. (Tune Cap)

Yep, hit the tune cap on Forza 6 today:


I hit it when I was around 450 cars in my garage with a few double tunes for some cars. Sounds like tune cap is 500 so fair warning to tuners out there, be a little bit stingy on your saves if you want room for DLC.

I spoke to T10 and the save limit is client side, there’s nothing they can do about it unfortunately.


Thanks for the heads up, hopefully the garage limit is much higher for all the unsaved tunes on duplicate cars.

No problem. Garage limit is 600.

Good to know. More importantly for me personally, is there a design cap or vinyl group cap?

Good to know. Will you be clearing out some of your “lesser” tunes to make room for more, or just starting to open-source tune right from launch?

If FM5 says anything, design cap will match the tune cap. Not sure about vinyls.

I just deleted a bunch of cars, ex Formula E, which had multiple of the same cars with the same tunes. There will only be one Formula E up, two IndyCars, and all other overlapped race cars will probably just be one built up rather than all. I deleted lots already due to that.

That means you have done 500 tunes since getting early access. No doubt you will be sharing some of them… I’m sure people will appreciate your efforts.

Work over. Time to race boy

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Yep, here’s the list: http://forums.forza.net/turn10_postsm344350_Raceboy-s-Forza-5-Tunes--Forza-Motorsport-6-Tune-List-Updating-Regularly.aspx#post_344350

I still have some more to do, almost time to race though, I’m so excited!


These tunes of yours for FM6 feels/sounds like a “new” tune-DLC added to FM6 [if they’re shared]. If so, many many thanks.



Any big changes noticed in how to tune? Or will a generic base tune from FM5 work in FM6?

RB, you’ll just have to give up tuning and everyone will have to download mine, sure they may not be brilliant but they all go both forward and backwards.


Haha, as long as the car moves fowards and backwards what more do you need?

So question…does that include FM5 to new, or just ones saved for FM6?

Oh goodness, that’s a kick in the teeth there.

Only 500? That is completely untenable. How are most decent tuners meant to operate? Let alone anyone part of a club or team?

It’s crazy how one small detail can kill an experience for me. I don’t want to spend most of my time deliberating on which file to delete next, before having to kill off everything like they do in Game of Thrones.

Dew it will be total as the FM5 tunes are imported into FM6 they arent accessible to be loaded to car without doing this. Likewise vinyls do the same.


If I import and save as a new FM6 file, I presume it’ll take up 2 slots?

In that case if I convert a design or vinyl group into an FM6 file, and then delete my FM5/FH2 file from that game and resync, I can open up a file spot?

For designs I should be okay as I don’t expect to hit 500, but vinyl groups may be a different matter.

Damn, so the cap on vinyls is the same? 500?

I have to imagine they’ll up that. Remember when like 50 was the limit for Driver level in FM5? They fixed that pretty quickly.

I thought at least you’d wait until launch to hit the tune cap but it’s that low?

Guess we’ll have to look for WindsweptDragon’s tune to keep us going on all those cars you don’t do. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really don’t see the need for there to be limits to storage with a company like Microsoft. For real man, they own SQL Server and database space is getting exponentially cheaper by the hour! Remove the store limits on anything T10!!!

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Yeah, pretty soon they’ll be paying US to sue their servers.

Seriously though. I have detailed knowledge of how much server space MS has. Not as much as Google, but still mind bogglingly huge.