Not complaining just wondering … I’m a “tuner” I share a couple now, and then, but I guess we are limited to a certain #…
I might have missed the Topic before Sooooo I hope it gets “fixed” soon? I’m completely out of save space for EVERY NEW car… now I can’t
have a saved Tune Wow! If I missed the thread before I apologize. Has anyone run into this too? I’m going to unshare tunes I don’t use to make room, it seems
like it may be a problem for the community as a whole. Tuners not sharing because of save space…

I knew about the 300 limit but had not heard of a class limit. How many D-class tunes do you have?

not sure …

Haaa looks like I hit the limit on ALL tunes not just Delta class Thanks for the info :slight_smile: Looks Like I’ve got a lot of tunes to delete … maybe at some point I can own All the cars and have more than one tune per track per class … The math is staggering looks like I may have to pick a few cars if I want a tune that will go through D-X class on every track available now let alone future tracks/cars …

So now I’m not wondering just ignorant :slight_smile:

you can apply a tune to a care without saving it and it wont take up a save slot. different cars are better for different tracks, just tune those cars for those tracks and leave the tune on it. even buy more than 1 of the same car if you have to. not sure what the car limit is but i’m betting its higher than 300. just get them in different colors and make sure you can remmber what color goes with which tracks.

Yup great idea

I know Turn 10 is real busy doing P.R. and resting on their laurels but how about fixing a game that they should have finished and fixed some glitches a long time ago.I hardly play any more because I don’t want to go thru my garage and decide which tunes I want to delete because I have so many cars.Really guys…it’s been 7 months.And yes I have sent them an email.

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So…out of curiosity…is the limit for shared tunes or just saved tunes in general?

I never share my tunes, unless someone asks me, but I do save most of them. I haven’t hit the limit yet though.

This limit only applies to downloaded tunes. You make and save tunes to every car in your garage so you should be safe mate.

no spank, its saves. you can actually download and apply tunes without taking a single save slot. the car limit is probably 500 so i could download 500 tunes, 1 per car and still have 0 saves so i could make 300 more saves. you can have 300 saves and still download any apply tunes as long as you dont try to download and save. if you try to make 301 saves you are going to have to delete one.

This is a great idea until you start hopper race and take 55 sec to get ur vw beetle. I have well over 500 cars and its impossible to navigate my garage fast enough to race. Ive had to erase popular tunes getting a ton of uses.


That is not correct either. If you download and apply it still uses a save slot.

I know because I have tried to download and apply and got the message saying I have too many.

If a save file is involved in any way, shape or form it still uses a save slot out of the 300.

The only exemption is if you tune a car but do not save it.

EDIT: If you download and apply and back out and then go back in a go to load and scroll right to my saves it will show the file you have just applied.

The 300 limit applies to anything that uses a slot when you go to load a save and scroll across to my saves ie those you have saved and those you have downloaded and either applied or saved.

i’ll check that out later. sat i hope you are wrong in the worst way, no offense. why have the apply or save option if its the same thing and there really is no option?

Well from a functional sense (ignoring the file limit) I have used it this way:

  1. I decide my tuning skills have reached their limit.
  2. I work out what classes / tracks I want tunes for on the car.
  3. I download and apply the tune I think I wwant to try first.
  4. I download and save any others that I saw in my search or for another set of search options.

No matter who is right or wrong we need more save slots lol

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You can down a tune( it will take a slot) and apply it to a car. Then you can erase the download and the car will still have the tune on it. You will free up a slot .

Ok cool. I have not tried that but getting rid of the save file to free up a slot does make sense the way I have seen this limit in action.

Pain in the neck it is lol. Especially when you own one of every car and want some dupes for different classes, let alone different tracks.

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That is not correct. It is a limit on tune save files. If you download 50 and save 250 you hit the limit.

If you tune a car but do not save it as a tune file it is not included in the 300.

saved tunes. you get 300 save slots total.

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the tune cap and paint limit needs to be raised especially with more dlc coming soon i have over 300 cars in game and i cant paint and some times there are many paints i like so i have duplicate cars with different tunes just so i can have the livery…