I dont understand the logic behind the 300 tune limit, Isnt the game close to 300 cars now and with 18 tracks surly the limit should of been set at well over 5000?

I have 430 cars, mostly duplicates because of this problem. Now, with the June DLC, there will be over 300 cars in the game. That means that we can’t even have ONE tune per car. This needs to be fixed, I have to constantly be taking down my shared tunes for the community in order to accommodate new ones and it’s very unfortunate and basically a joke. No Forza has ever had a tune cap, but the new “Next Gen” one does. ASAP T10, c’mon guys.

Agreed I have over 500 cars now and am hanging to paint them all. I am a novice tuner just play around with my cars for different tracks. I too have no idea why someone thought it would be a good idea to set the save limit at 300 makes no sense.

Ok that’s cool sorry for the confusion on my part I apply the tunes to the car itself so I haven’t hit any kind of limit yet as to why I wasn’t 100% sure.

Does anyone know if the 300 just counts for tunes or tunes and paints and is there 300 tunes and 300 paints or 300 total spots. I hope I explained my question good enough. Thanks for any replies

You can have up to 300 tunes and up to 300 paints.

Thanks SatNiteEduardo, that is good news as it pretty much doubles my space from where I thought it was. Appreciate the response and time.

Yet another mind boggling backwards step. Too busy playing foosball and taking selfies next to the office P1 to figure out these issues. Get to work! Seriously, fix some of this stuff already.

It would be nice to be able to save more tunes.

I just buy multiple cars now and have different tunes on each, at least it give me something to spend credits on. Well until i run out of garage space that is.



I have been getting the error message in forza 5 of too many file save when I try to save my car upgrades, this only happens with certain cars and not all cars, I also get the message there has been error when trying to save file please try again later. This has now been happening for the past 2 days.

Also when the error message of too many fie saves appears the screen freezes and I have to quit game and restart before I can continue.

I have deleted all but 5 of the saved paint designs and have deleted all but 20 tune saves.

has anyone else had this issue? I searched the forum but am unable to find a similar issue.

Help please

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There are a limited amount of tunes you can save my friend. If you want to save any new ones you must either get in another car that you know you have a few tunes for & delete the ones you don’t want anymore. Then go back to the car again & have another go at saving. I hit my tuning limit a couple of months back & its starting to get difficult to find tunes I can delete! I’m not sure what the number of tune saves your allowed but it’s the first game with a limit. Hope that helps!

Hey AOT,

Thing is I have already deleted all by 20 saved tunes and also deleted all but 5 of my saved paint designs and I am still getting the error message…

cheers for the reply though

Each file type has its own limit. You won’t be able to save more upgrade tunes by deleting design files, or vinyl files, or photo files. I just wanted to clear that part up. The only way to get more room for tuning files is to delete tuning files. And if you get an error message OTHER than “you have too many of this file type”, try again with saving it with another file name.

Hey sweedish,

The thing here is that I have no tunes already saved for the cars in question, I can save tunes that already have saved tunes. Just not able to save for new cars

Cheers for the reply though

Your issue sounds different from the normal 300 save limit.

Yes, this sounds strange. I’ve never heard of this kind of issue before.
BeaGea, you might want to e-mail T10 about this at forzafb@microsoft.com, in case they don’t already know about it. Yes, it takes a long time for them to read it with the high volume of mail they receive, but they WILL read it.

Cheers and good luck,

Yes this a rediculous thing that needs fixed I’ve lost so any tunes due to this error bye turn ten I hope they fix this