We can't choose cars for the Drivatars? Really?

Im trying to set up a private match by my self and things are already buggy and broken. I have selected to have 23 AI racers on unbeatable at Doytona tri-oval. Once I have left the settings menu and load the lobby screen there are only 5 AI racers. I have tried many different combinations in the settings menu and cannot get more than 5 AI in the race with me. I also tried to set up a private multi class race by setting up 4 player buckets with 6 cars in each bucket, but that also does not work. Some of these problems were in FM5 too, so its nothing new, but how has this not been addressed yet?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to remedy this situation? My buddies and I were really looking forward to setting up some 50 lap indy races with a full field of AI later tonight, but this 5 AI cap is going to ruin it.



is it really the case that I (we) can’t choose the cars that the Drivatars drive? It was possible in Forza 4 in the private online lobbys and it was a great feature.

Even in the Free Play Mode, that should be possible. At the moment, I don’t have much fun racing on the Nordschleife with a Clio RS against 40 years old Muscle Cars. I do not have much fun racing in a 458 speciale against real aussie racecars … It should be possible, that we can choose against which cars we wan’t to race.

I love’d it in the past (Forza 4) driving the M5 and chasing a C63 AMG and a RS6. I love’d making my own “Trackdays” with slower and faster cars, all on the track. I love’d it to try out if my tuned E30 M3 could catch a Ferrari 458. It should also be possible to decide if the cars are tuned or stock. All this is missing at the moment in the free play. It would make so much sense to add this feature.

Why is this great feature not in the game? Who is thinking the same?


That just really boils my carrot! What’s the point of having all these awesome cars and we can’t set up specific races between them? I mean, should a hot hatch be on track against a 1940s F1 car? Seriously?

This is pathetic. I’m sorry I do love Forza but come on now.

I like to do 10-20 lap races. So either I make do with 3 laps in career or race really weird assortments of unrelated cars.


You speak out of my soul. I also real enjoyed it in 4 and was heavily disappointed that this feature was missing in 5.
I had not much hope that this changed but seeing the feature still missing in 6 today is really - not good.
Perhaps we can try to bring this to Turn10s attention, with a lot of people contributing here.
Perhaps we should make a poll too.


I think what would be even better, is to have the ability to a pick an opponents car and add any upgrade you want.


Exactly, this is very disappointing.

I would also like this to return, felt sick when I realised your couldnt…


Wow I didnt know that, what a silly decision.


This SIMPLE feature was absent in Forza 5 as well. But for it to be absent for the 2nd installment in a row is unacceptable. This need to be brought up for a patch immediately.

How am I supposed to make an all muscle car race with tuners and exotics in the way? How am I supposed to make an all GT3 race with stupid Huyara’s and Enzo’s in the way? Those are just examples.


Yes this is ridiculous… If drivatar representing unique player, It must represent with his/her car, paint, setup… Not only with the driving style!


Thats what I also thought.

The whole game dies in a way with this missing feature.

There is so much data in the game but we, the players, are not able to use it. I REALLY hope a member of Turn10 will see this topic.


This is very disappointing to hear… It’s incredibly annoying to have to race with such mismatched cars if you want a race longer than 3 laps! I really had hope that this wouldn’t be an issue with Forza 6 but Turn 10 must assume that most players don’t care. Glad to see I’m not the only one that feels this is a major issue that should be easily resolved. Here’s to hoping that this will be fixed in the future.


Set up a private lobby then choose Car Restrictions. Whilst you won’t be able to select eac car in grid you can tailor a lot more than in free play :slight_smile:

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This doesn’t work! I still can’t pick the cars I want to race against. If I’m driving a 458 Speciale I want to race against a Huracan etc. not against real racecars. And that is the case, when I do what you are saying. Furthermore you can’t pick the amount of drivatars, only the max drivatars. If I choose “max 23 drivatars”, there are only 5-6 drivatars added …

There is a point in the game that is called “free play” and “free play” should also mean free play … it is no free play at the moment.

Really annoying … :confused:


Doesn’t the old Private Lobby trick work anymore?

You’d only need to set the proper body restrictions.


I do agree with you but there’s a bit of a flaw here. You’re comparing

Private Online Lobbies in Forza 4 with Singleplayer Free play in Forza5/6. While I do agree that free play should allow for these restrictions and rule sets, etc, the same thing can be achieved through Private Online Lobbies in Forza 5, and even though I haven’t played it yet, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be in Forza 6.

In Forza 5 in private lobbies you could set PI, drivetrain, Body style, horsepower, even car model restrictions. If you wanted you could set up a one make race. These were Private Online Lobbies not freeplay however. It should be the same in 6, but I could be wrong, when my game finishes instaling (pre-load glitch) I’ll test this out for you.

I do agree though, Freeplay should have more features.


As I said above, this doesn’t work.

You can’t choose how much drivatars you want to race against, only the max amount. When you choose max. 23 drivatars, the game adds only 5-6 drivatars and poorly, many of them drive the same car.

For example, I just choosed in the private online lobby: Max 23 drivatars and the restriction “heavy weight middle class” and the game adds 5 drivatars (3x 03 BMW M5 and 2x RS6). This don’t make much sense.

Hang on… how many online players were in your lobby? If working correctly it should fill in the grid with drivatars up to a total of 24 on the grid… so if you had 19 people in the lobby then it would add in 5 drivatars to fill it out.

If it was just you ignore my question - it’s not working correctly.

Yes this actually does work…listen listen listen guys…Private Lobby> GAME OPTIONS> Select the game type and track first because resetting the Game type and track a second time may change some additional rules such as drivertar difficulty and such…moving on to the good stuff…>after selecting laps and damage and all that jazz…set Car Class to any…NOTE: this is only going to work for racing against 1 other ai opponent which is lame but select max AI to 1, but…ANY CAR CLASS…this is all under RULES category…move over to Advanced Rules using RB button on controller nothing much important here unless playing with other online players and selecting PI ordering grid and end of race timer…OVER TO OVERRIDES menu RB BUTTON…Force team colors will make AI normal colors if you select yes…and make your own car normal looking as well…you don’t have to touch this section though…LASTLY is CAR RESTRICTION MENU…RB button to get over here by the way…ALOT of STUFF HERE…but heres an example of what i do…scroll down to Car Class and make sure its at any…scroll down to Make…select make…Dodge for example…go down to Model…pick Challenger 15…this is the HELLCAT…press A to accept…when done correctly you and the one only 1 AI will both be in Hellcats…GO back into Game Options again. >RB to scroll all the way over to car restrictions again…GO DOWN TO MAKE and change it back to ANY and …PRESS A to accept…both cars should be in Challengers still…now go to SELECT your CAR above game options and select any car you want to go against the hellcat…NOTE works with any mount of AI but who wants to race 15 HELLCATS… you can either rent your car or use one of your own…RENTING LETS YOU USE ANY CAR…but stock

Just him. I’ve had same - it does not populate with anymore than 5 drivatars when on your own

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