Drivatar opponents in multiplayer [see post #54]

Hi all,

Hope everyone that has early access is enjoying this FM6 as much as me, it’s certainly a return to form for Turn 10 and will probably end in a divorce for me with the amount I will be playing it!

There are hundreds of massive plus points but I just wanted to mention two niggles (OK, one is actually more than a niggle) to see if others are getting the same and to see if it’s a known problem or not. If not then I’d like to highlight it to Turn 10 to get resolved.

Firstly, if you set up a private lobby in multiplayer and select 23 Drivatar opponents, in the lobby with you will be 5 opponents. Not 23, just 5. When a friend of mine was added to the game, it added another 5 drivatars, so now a total of 10. What the heck? If I select 23, I want 23. If the servers can handle 24 real players, it should be able to cope with the same in drivatars. Not 5 per human driver. Anyone know anything about this/reported it?

Secondly, and this is just a minor niggle, but in FM4, we could change the opponents cars. Why can we not do this in FM6? Surely the drivatar technology can cope with a drivatar in a different car of our choice?

Thanks for any input and enjoy the driving!


That’s probably to avoid boosting multiplayer achievements by playing alone :stuck_out_tongue: The reason behind it might be that if you want to drive against 23 IA, there’s free race for that.

So to boost the achievement to win from last, you need 4 humans in the room.

That would be fair enough if free play gave you the same freedom when creating races but sadly it doesn’t :frowning:


Agree with amusedtodeath there. A friend and I on Forza 4 used to run our own game where we raced handicapped against AI in various guises. In it’s current format, we are unable to do that.

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Mine did the same thing except it was me and a buddy so we only had ten.

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So are there +5 Drivatars for every player? I would really like to play vs 22 Drivatars with my friend :frowning:


Why are the drivatars limited at all? What if some of us want to do GT racing without going all the way through campaign


Do these threads get read by anyone in an official capacity? I see that this point is being raised by others and would appreciate a response.

Agreed Hylander. I’ve posted about the same issue. Effectively this has gone backwards since FM4. In that, you could have a maximum of 13 AI, so now it’s 5??

I’m hoping this will get read by those that have influence and is remedied!

I’ve been doing some custom online races on FM4 recently, and I’m pretty sure 11 is the maximum AI.

Yeah it was 11 but thats not the point of being the choice of having 23 drivatars in a lobby and not being able to use them ey?

Yeah it is stupid. Hopefully fixed shortly.

I hope so so boring with 6

Here here, Have posted the same in several places. Am hoping if enough people bring this to their attention, it will get remedied. Post here if you want to see more than 5 AI per human player in online multiplayer.

If the single player mode offerred the ability to race against the same car models I had chosen, that would have been good enough for me.

Private lobbies offer that, unfortunately limited to 5 Drivatar.

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Getting very annoying I hope turn 10 adds in the ability to add in more drivatars in private lobby by yourself.

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It really doesn’t make mathematical sense. You can select to allow 23 drivitars, but it is an impossibility since just to get 20 you’d need 4 humans, which then puts you at the 24 max drivers.

I don’t understand why they haven’t done this for offline single player, you would think it would be an easy change to make and would give people more choice

Exactly Spawn! Of course, hope they fix it soon they need to!!!