E3 Massage to the Forza Fans

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That looks like 1 really long sentence
Stopped reading after the 1st 2 lines
Something about the drivatars are too quick and you cant beat them ???

Try playing it offline

The Drivatars be not to quick i beat them in highest Level too. I speak in the first two lines from Human Players and I WANT TO PLAY OFFLINE against Drivatars but i can not do this like i can do it in Multiplayer Mode than the Freeplayer Mode have no the Same Options like the Multiplayer Mode , good morning …

Happy ending?:wink:


He’s talking about the lack of custom race options in Free Play, that he can’t set up his own races against the AI like you can against human players in multiplayer. (Except for the 5 drivatars that you can add to multiplayer.)

There is a 12 page thread about that issue. Turn 10 knows about the issue. All whe can hope is that they give us more options in free play. But when you playing offline you have no connection to the cloud so it’s impossible to drive against drivatars. No update can’t change that. In this xase you race with standard AI System like in fm4.

Thanks for your input.

Next time let’s remember to not use profanity.

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