Just a couple things

1st when i turn off all assist and full throttle a car, any car, pretty sure it will spin out not drop rpms and roll away slugish.
2nd i know turn 10 is feening for money, why the hell not just add all fast and furious cars for free if they were already developed for horizon 2
3rd add cars people want on forums not 20 of the same f1 cars with different skins, that why we have the horrible wanna be storefront thing thing now called design whatever
4th i thought this game was to enjoy with friends, i wanna be able to gift cars and money, none of your damn business how i earn it and spend it.
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turn 10 is ruining the fun forza experience i started off with the first forzas, this game is getting way too restrictive and cheaping out on cars and tracks.

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1st ease up on the throttle and stop crying

2nd I don’t think they can just throw in cars as easily as you think

3rd wah wah wah

4th if you don’t like it pkay fm4

5th sucks u aren’t VIP

6th format your posts better and quit complaining

I don’t think this will last long, just saying.

Is there anything you like about f6?

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