Private online multiplayer glitch list - FAO T10 (not a whinge thread please!)

Hi guys,

This thread is meant purely to help T10 to see in a nutshell, what problems we maybe having in private online multiplayer. It is not a thread to moan about things or cast opinion. So please keep any posts on topic for the benefit of all. The first couple are not necessarily glitches as explained by VoodooUomo (T10 staff) but have been covered in other threads and I add them here for clarity.

  1. Unable to select more than 5 Drivatars per human player even when selecting 23 opposition (existing thread = Click here)

  2. Unable to change the car that opposition drivatars are racing (existing thread = Click here)

  3. When more than one human is in the lobby and max drivatars is set, the host can only change the five cars linked to their console , for example, set a race with class A for all 12 cars (2 human + AI), then change it to class D, only five AI cars will change to class D. This problem becomes exacerbated when different groups are involved; the system seems to get confused as to what is being changed - my friend tried to change one of the drivatars linked to my console and it changed one of the drivatars linked to his.

  4. The ‘random’ starting grid method doesn’t work. Earlier I was in my friends lobby (just the two of us with 10 drivatars) and it started me in 12th every time (across about 10+ races). He started in 1st for the first couple and then 11th in all others. I’ve tried this without groups set and it still isn’t random. (I have my first league meeting tonight for my friends with the Ultimate Edition, so will re-test this later without AI as well)

  5. We are not able to select groups and teams (buckets) to ‘on’ at the same time (something we could do in FM4), you can only have one or the other.

I’ve been a Forza fan since Forza 2 and I have to say that FM6 is amazing, Turn 10 have done a fantastic job, so as mentioned above, let’s help them by keeping this thread for problems you may have experienced only please (and only ones in addition to those detailed in this post already)

Thanks everyone and happy racing!


Do you know if this is the reason why when I race with 4 players and 20 drivatars, it kicks everyone when the race is over? I started last one race and when I finished first it just disconnected everyone from the game. Just curious if this some sort of block for the achievement(Thru the Pack) or if it is more console/drivatar related.

That’s not a problem I’ve experienced thankfully but doesn’t sound like it’s a related issue.

I can’t even play MP. Private or join a lobby, I just get errors :frowning:

Have found a couple more issues within private online multiplayer that could do with looking at:

  1. This is related to point 4 above but have some more info. If you set the start order to random, it WILL give you a random grid for the first race. However, when you return to the lobby after the first race, if you look at the game settings, it has returned to a start order of PI. Something is causing it to default back to PI start order after each race.

  2. If within game settings, you set the damage to cosmetic, you still get full damage. Last night we had the damage on cosmetic and I hit one of the barriers at the chicane on Rio and my car destroyed itself. I can only assume that either the cosmetic setting doesn’t work OR more likely, is the game overriding the game setting with my own personal setting from career (which is set to simulation).

Please keep adding any additional issues you have found in private online multiplayer, and hopefully T10 will see these issues and patch them out ASAP.


In relation to number 4 and number 6 you don’t even have to do a race. If you start a lobby and go change the Game Options to random and accept, if you return then immediately to the Game Options that will be already in PI. There seems to be no way to get it to stick to Random.

Very unfortunate, this reduces even further the already very limited grid options. :frowning:

I’ve run some more tests and if the Random is literally the last thing you change in the room before you command the start of the race then it seems to work (tested with 2 humans and 10 drivatars). What I’ve done is adjust all other the Game Options as necessary and Accept. Then once everyone is Ready I go back to the Game Options and change to Random, then Accept (without any further input to the controller) and then Start Game (also without any further input to the controller). This way it seemed to work, but requires changes after and every race and not sure if works if someone takes the ready off or starts going through the Menus and so on…

There is no Elimination mode anymore so setting up Cat & Mouse is difficult. There is also no way to save a set-up for multi-player private lobbies so the time to set-up is really long on complicated set-ups.


It would be very very nice if they could add the lobby points option back in for the league racers amongst the community. 24 car grids with a random that doesn’t work (just like in Forza 5) is a massive pain in the bum.


You are spot on, I’ve just discovered this this morning. Random doesn’t stick if you go back into the options at all, as you say.

  1. & 6) addendum. Random option for starting grid changed back to PI after a race or if entering game settings again for any reason.

Another good spot, also realised this this morning, so I’ll call this one number 9.

  1. No ability to save game option settings. (Very useful for league racing where some of the more involved options are used)

Agree here also, our racing league on a Sunday used to rely upon the points in the background to order our grid. We used to do a 1 lap race purely to get eveyone to finish in their current league positions. This would allocate points for the results and then we would start the evenings league racing and the start order would be reverse points, so that the league leader started from the back and so forth. The only way we can currently do this is to start the race and have everyone manually position themselves on the grid in the right order but his is laborious and is subject to variation (ie. everyone being in the correct place and spaced correctly). So.

  1. Only ability to start grid is PI (ascending or not) or Random. Would be great to get the points back in the background for an additional option, particularly for league racing.

I will also add two others that occurred to me when racing this morning.

  1. On the mini map, if you have selected different groups (which are coloured blue, red, yellow and green) all of the ‘dots’ to represent the cars are still the same colour. This also leads to …

  2. Human players and drivatars are the same coloured ‘dots’ on the mini map. It’s great to have these a different colour to identify where your human competition is on the lap.

  1. Another one I forgot from the other day. I joined a friends lobby and he set a multi class race with AI, but instead of the limited 10, we had a page full of AI. We got excited thinking the AI limit had been patched but then realised there were 25 AI! So 27 of us in the lobby?? Sadly, as expected, it crashed when we tried to launch the game and then once we’d reset it went back to the usual 10. It seems to me that as soon as you set multi class, it creates further problems.
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Why doesn’t off line free play also get all the options and car filters as private online. You should at least be able to restrict by car groupings in Free Play so you can run an Indy series or late 60’s gp. Only being allowed to filter by “S” or “X” is too vague and includes too much veriety.

Hi Guys,

I have found a couple of bugs myself,
I’m not sure what numbers these are so hopefully the host will assign as necessary.

  • Whilst racing with the steering wheel sometimes the paddles fail to shift gear, instead the buttons ‘Y’ must be used to change up and ‘X’ must be used to change down. (This happens in both online and offline and requires me to quit the race entirely and re-enter to rectify the issue). unfortunately this does not always fix the issue and it is unknown if it is fixed until the race has begun. (As a further note to this, whilst racing last night online another driver was racing using a steering wheel at the same time as myself and we both experienced exactly the same issue. we did not leave the lobby and the issue remained for the whole evening with a total of 5 races). I hope this information helps.

  • Whilst racing online if another controller is connected to the console the screen freezes momentarily and then resumes, unfortunately the position you freeze at is the position you continue from, meaning any cars behind you suddenly jump ahead because in effect you have frozen yourself in time. (it is a hard 1 to explain but I have a video of this if you need clarification as to what I mean).

  • It does not appear as though there is a points system running in the background of the online lobbies. this makes running online races very difficult as you cannot ensure faster drivers start at the back. (this is not a moan, rather a humble request. Nay, more a plead, Please Turn 10, Please put the points system back Please). Is this possible Turn 10?

I have not found any other issues that have not already been stated on this forum.

Just to say. Other than all that has been stated (which is to be expected of such an Epic game!) what a fantastic game Forza 6 is! if each of these minor issues are sorted out, this game has to be the best racing game of all time!

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Post edited in my quote above to add new issues identified.

Just in case others are frustrated with point 3 above. We discovered a workaround for it last night.

If the host changes the Drivatar difficulty, it will change ALL of the drivatars to the new class selected, not just the ones linked to the hosts console. You can then change the difficulty back to your preferred setting.

A couple more issues discovered whilst racing with my friend this morning …

  1. There appears to be certain cars that you are not able to select for the Drivatars. I know you can’t select their car directly but we are trying to do this via the car restrictions. However, even doing this, as an example, if you select the drivatars to only be driving the Aston Martin Zagato, it will not let you. There appears to be certain cars that even with the restrictions, you can’t set the drivatars to race.

  2. If you have different groups selected and you select a roll off for one of the groups, it doesn’t work, at all. We tried it with two of the different groups but we all still started at the same time, no roll off delays.

  1. Whilst online on Sunday morning, I left my friends lobby and when I tried to rejoin, it said ‘failed to acquire server data’. I did this on 3 separate occasions and each time, having tried friend invites, joining game etc, the only way I could rejoin was for my friend to start a new lobby.