Multiplayer Drivatar fault?

Hi, im new here, loving my early access copy of FM6, the rain and the non illuminated night race tracks like Nürbürgring Nordschleife are making it sometime a real challenge and i so love that! The puddles though!

Im here to report a consistent problem that i’m encountering with a friend of mine. I don’t even know if any Turn10 employee take a look a the forums, but i’m gonna report it here after all.

Im having the same problem of 5 drivatars per person as the author, but that’s not why i’m here…

Did any of you encounter some drivatars in private lobby multiplayer that are extremely aggresive ; won’t even bother trying to avoid or even brake when they are behind you and when you are braking hard to avoid hitting another drivatar in front or whatever ; plowing into the back of your car and spin you out like crazy and HIS trajectory isn’t affected, still going strong, didn’t lose any speed and didn’t take damage either…

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Well i did forget some things, on Daytona Tri-oval, drivatars tend to glitch into the ground on banked corners, it may be an connection issue, i don’t know, but its not game breaking so its “ok”

I’m a drifter too, and when i saw the drift lobby, particularly the description of the transmission restriction (AWD, RWD, FWD) i did get a bit “angry” why not stick with two different lobby as in FM5, ONE for RWD drifter (as i), and ONE for whoever likes to drift AWD… Its not a real problem and i’m maybe too bitchy about it but AWD and RWD drifters don’t have their places in one lobby as the AWD drifters, drift way much faster than us RWD drifters and it may causes some crashes and annoyance, but oh well… Gonna live with it if Turn10 don’t update and make separate lobbies for each transmission types.

Thats all for me, gonna look into some responds on here!

Bye y’all!