The most incredible thing about Forza 6

is that “Free Play” is still not free. It’s now 2015, and giving players access to all their games have to offer has somehow eluded 10 years and 6 major installations of both Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo. How is this possible? I’m not gonna mention that this is a feature that is standard for entire genres of videogames and other sims, but let me just put into perspective what a gigantic problem this is.

Take One-Make(or Factory-Spec) races. Forza 6 featurs 8, 4 of which you have to unlock. If we assume for simplicity’s sake that the game has 450 cars and 20 tracks, there are 9000 different Factory-Spec races that this game supports. Yet we get 8, and recreating any of the other 8992 is impossible. This is the case for most event types you can think of. Why? Does Turn10 think the others are just not interesting enough? Is there a technical challenge to implementing them? Would an “advanced options” button overwhelm new players? I can’t imagine a reason.

Forza 6 is the most beautiful, best-feeling, best sounding console racer out there. Yet the majority of its “content” is completely inaccessible. If this game is supposed to be a sandbox, the simple omission of true Free Play mode makes it the worst sandbox ever created. And if it’s supposed to be this linear, heavily restricted curated experience, it’s the most heartbreaking waste of assets I’ve ever seen. Forza still has the chance to spearhead this for console racing sims. I don’t care if it’s a 1mb patch they put out without a notice or if they make this 5 dollar DLC and give it some back-of-the-box “make your own events” set dressing. Just put it in the game. Please.


…is that I still have to be in a specific car to see what tunes I have for it, yet I can view all paints for all cars via one screen…


This was a feature request I put in for FM6 in the feature request thread.

I feel you. In the same vein as what you’re saying, I’m upset (yet again) over the lack of control the players have in public multiplayer. I really don’t understand Turn 10’s stance that players want less control over race options instead of more. FM4, IMO, had the perfect multiplayer and great single player. FH1, also was fantastic. Since then though, I just don’t get it.


Please add this T10.

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truth hurts? lol… love the game not the options I regret buying ultimate edition now :-/

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I wish this wasn’t true…, but it is…, and it’s sad. 800,000+ suggestions congregate there to die. Sure, most of them are probably either bad ideas or repeat suggestions, but if just a handful of them, even the basic easy-to-implement stuff, would ever actually be considered by Turn 10, we’d have a much better product. Clearly nobody actually looks there, though. It’s evidently the rug under which suggestions are swept so nobody has to look at them.

We’re not asking for much. This isn’t a major change or addition. It requires no data collection, no laser-scanning, no months of modeling, no special graphics whipped up, or anything really. We’re just wanting some options added; options that were already there in FM5…, at least online. In FM5 I asked for the online options to be added to singleplayer’s free play, which should be absolutely no effort at all since the game already had exactly that, but yet it never happened.

Can somebody somewhere find a logical excuse for why in free play we can’t specify that we want an F1 race specifically, or a V8 Supercar race specifically, or pre-1970 American muscle, or whatever? How could that possibly be a big ask?


You are dead on. Complete BULLSEYE! I started playing FM6 and at first I was digging it…rivals mode is dynamite. The AI in career mode is a disaster…so I stayed away. The free play options (or the lack of them!) are what killed it for me. I put the disc back in its case and put it on my shelf. I’ll wait to play it when it’s properly updated and we get a full game. Until then, Project CARS it is!!


I’m not giving up on turn 10, I think they have patches & other stuff on the way. I sure hope so…

Project cars is the most broken racer Ive played in recent memory.This is after what 4-6 patches where each patch brings more problems…Enjoy…To each their own.

THANKS! You too.

Because Turn 10 said so
That’s why

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Agree with all.

Its so frustrating to see a game that got all the big things (cars, tracks, physics, etc) right but lose out on the small simple things that would make the meat and potatoes of a game like this exponentially better.

Give us options…please. Give the users the ability to play the game how they want. The framework is there, and done beautifully, let us use it!

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The standing puddles on inclines and declines around the ring amazed me.

Wasn’t there a wishlist thread and multiple threads already started about this topic? Guess we just needed a new one?

Hopefully this gets patched into the game soon. We had all these features in FM4 and slowly Turn10 is removing features from the game one at a time.

Outside of car clubs, FM2 is the best game T10 made.