VR Support

Vote here if you’d like to see VR support.

Please also post a reply with specific details about supported devices.

Im never going to be able to afford a VR setup but Im still a big believer in cockpit games (racers, flyers etc) is where its at for VR and more and more people are getting them so it could only be good for the game

No, I don’t care for this feature because I play on XSX with a 55inch OLED tv.

Opinion: If you have a PC with a semi recent GPU you can buy used Oculus Rift’s for $150 bucks…I paid $800 for my setup back in the day and I have no regrets at all…

VR turns any driving game into a “ride” at an amusement park because you feel you’re there in the car, you turn your head to look around the cockpit, just like you would in a real car, in fact if you’re not used to VR things that happen in game will freak you out, like when you suddenly see in your peripheral vision a car that’s about to weave into you, you react like you would in real life, etc.

It really is a whole different animal. You can get a slightly similar feel by using 3 monitors but your view is always fixed so it’s not quite the same, but if you use 3 monitors and they are HUGE like 55" TV’s or larger, then you get a sense of the scale anyhow.

Worth Noting: When you are in VR you became VERY aware of the elevation changes on tracks, something you can’t really appreciate on a single flat screen. Like when you are racing up and down the hills in Monaco in a game like Project Cars, you really feel like you’re going up or down a hill, etc.

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