Forza Horizon 5 will be fantastic as is, but imagine it in VR

VR is incredibly immersive in both flight sims and racing sims. Microsoft answered the call to add VR to its flight sim. Perhaps now is the time for Microsoft to answer the call for VR in Microsoft’s race sims.

I have been dreaming about it for the last 2+ years while putting hundreds of hours into FH4. I have seriously enjoyed using the open telemetry pf FH4 with a direct drive steering wheel and next level racing motion platform v3 to entertain myself, my friends and my neighbors. And, while VR is available on many PC racing sims, no game cries out for it as much as FH5. We’re talking about immense levels of additional fun… Like you are really sitting in that Bugatti Divo and throwing it sideways into a corner at ridiculous speeds.

On the other hand, if you added VR, I might not be able to get my self, my friends, or my neighbors back out of of the motion rig.

Regardless, this is not a no VR/no buy argument. I am gonna buy it regardless, but I would really love to see Microsoft/PGG transcend the racing genre with VR too.


After throwing up after playing Dirt in VR think I’ll skip FH5 if they did VR (Not on the cards as no VR headset currently like the PS has)

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The thing about adding VR is that using it would be entirely optional. I recognize that there are some who do not get along well in VR. But, for those that do, it would be really nice.

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they have no plans on supporting VR


This would be amazing in VR

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Implement the Vr support please!

Hi :wave: everyone. I’m a long time forza horizon fan.

I’ve always played forza on my Xbox systems. I have a Xbox series x but I will mostly be playing forza horizon 5 on pc.
I’ve purchased a steering wheel that works for both pc and Xbox

I was wondering if there was any news on Forza Horizon 5 supporting VR on PC?

I think that Forza Horizon 5 would be the perfect game to play with a steering wheel and VR combination.

Maybe we can all ask nicely and they might add VR support :wink: :thinking: :grinning:

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See the official FAQ:

Q: Will Forza Horizon 5 have VR support?
A: No, we are not planning VR support.

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VR is bigger than most people realise, it’s bigger than I realised a couple of months ago. It is going to become mainstream in the next few years, so nobody ignores mainstream. Years ago (before computer games were mainstream) I made Monopoly on my computer, I set it in space, and sent it to the people that made the board game. I asked them if they were interested in a computer version of their game, they replied “Computer games will never replace board games!” They even agreed that I could sell the game myself, because they thought I was no competition for them. A few years later they made Star Wars Monopoly on computer.

You can’t ignore trends.

Not only that but 3D movies are great on VR, so 3D movies will also make a comeback.

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VR is and will remain niche, if it even remains a thing at all. 3D movies likewise.


Yes, VR may be niche but is gaining popularity.
One thing I know about VR headset owners, they are hungry for triple A title’s. So with over 500,000 headset owners on steam alone, I’m sure the developers will make the money back for the time it would take to implement VR into a game like this for the PC.
Even if VR does not come to FH5 I will still be getting it.
For now I will just hold on to some hope like this image on Turn10’s landing screen.

It’s a large open-world game. Not going to happen anytime within the next 10 years. More cartoonish games can get away with it.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 20 just about goes against everything you just said apart from the open world

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Microsoft Flight Sim is different lmao. You’re in a cockpit and flying the skies. A large open world driving cars in a Forza world is unrealistic.

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You can see further in a plane, the drawing distance is bigger. Probably easier to do a driving game, but you would have to lower the detail a lot.

Yes VR is a niche, but it is a niche that fits like a glove in raising Sims. Steering wheels are in even smaller niche and they are supporting them.

If they support VR I would buy a VR headset purely to play FH5

I don’t see how they can ignore this for to long since VR , Steering wheel and FH5 will go together like bacon pepperoni and cheese on pizza.

I understand a lot of people not caring about this option, but this game is made for others to play not just you. Imagine that what a crazy concept.

About this being open world, this is a open world game where you are always sitting down lol. Not very hard to simulate that. If you have a chair :seat: you are good to go. Regarding graphics, as long as you’re pc already runs the game good, you won’t need that much more power to run it in VR mode. Yes you might have to turn down some graphics but that depends on your pc performance and what you want to do.

All I’m asking for is option. In option is simply that, a option you can use or ignore

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No Man Sky and Subnautica both have VR support. Skyrim and Fallout 4 have both have been ported. Unmodded they’re a nightmare but, it’s a large open world. I don’t understand the push back from people who don’t own a headset. How could any gamer not want or welcome a game like this in it most immersive form? I cannot wait for an open world racing game. Until then Shutoku and GTA V mod it is.

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