Volkswagen Golf 2019-current MK8

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Volkswagen Golf Mk8

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Yes, I would like an update from the Golf R Mk8 to the DSG and European version. or that they added the gti clubsport mk8 dsg, whether it is a normal version or a 45th anniversary version


This is the golf r 20th anniversary version. an even better version of the golf r mk8. I hope if they update it would be on this basis since it has a little more power and better behavior on the track and better tuned the chassis and traction. and finally have your car updated with a DSG 7 gearbox. Since it accelerates much faster than with a manual gearbox


achieving this sound would give an even better feeling


If they manage to update to the DSG model and do it on this one, it would be even better than the normal Golf Mk8r. since it has a better setup


If you guys add the MK8 R, please PLEASE don’t make it a 6MT like it is in FH5.


and the performance with the manual transmission in Acceleration becomes a very slow car. since if they update the dsg everything would change. It is shameful that a 7r runs more from a standstill than even the golf mk8r which has more power.

the red one has about 420-440 hp and with those hp in real life the golf r would go from 0-100 seconds to 4 seconds… It should have the dsg gearbox to get its full potential.

the golf 8 r in real life with dsg does 0-100 in 4.5. and 0-200 in 16

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I must come here to realize that Golf R Mk8 should be in a 7-speed DSG because it’s quicker and faster than the Manual one already in-game.

I may be a manual transmission lover here, but for the Golf, it’s an exception. I prefer its DSG in the latest gen because it has more torque, better acceleration, and it FARTS.

I think there’s a better choice here: the 2023 Golf R 20th Anniversary Edition. Now, WE NEED YOU TO PICK THIS ONE IN 7-SPEED DSG TRANSMISSION.

You have TOO MANY Manual Golf Rs, Forza devs, it’s time to get the DSG Transmission on.

If this vote is for Motorsport, this should also apply to Horizon too.

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JUST IN: Volkswagen revealed the 2024 Golf MK8.5

I know some of you are disappointed that the latest Golf R is represented with a Manual transmission, where it has slow performance. But there is good news and bad news with this facelift.



Good news: The 6-speed Manual is no longer available for GTI an R. It is reserved for regular Golf models only as the most recent performance Golf will be DSG only.

Bad news: We have to wait a little longer for the facelifted Golf R, around 2025 or so… But good thing is - it will finally be a DSG at last!!! For the meantime, the GTI will be the only performance Golf available.

Forza devs, it’s time for the DSG Golf to finally show up.

DSG fans, RISE UP!

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I dont think this will happen as they chose the us version cause it has a manual optional

seriously man what the hell is wrong with you a performance golf with no manual option is the worst thing ever

No, seriously, you said that to yourself.

The WORST THING is that the Manual Golf R is slow, that is why the DSG is replacing it. You might be the only one who wants a slower option for Golf R that has no fun. Tons of Golf R fans wanted DSGs because of how better it performs and farts when shifting.

I love Manuals too but I exempt Golf R from having one because its DSG has faster performance. If VW can’t improve the Manual performance of the Golf R, they’ll have to fully kill it off, just like how it was killed for the EU-spec Mk8.

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I know that but this is Forza and we can engine swap and adjust gear ratios either more speed or better acceleration anyway I dont mind a dsg existing as an option it just pisses me off that its the only option in europe unfortunetaly

This is why I dont like modern Volkswagens anymore they barely make manuals and that is with base models of earlier models and vehicles like the Passat only have the DSG!

Also that manual option for Americans on the regular Golf R has the same 4.7s 0/100kmh/0/60mph acceleration I just checked on wikipedia so there is no need to complain as we rarily ever get manual performance cars to begin with

That is false. DSG and Manual have a 0-60 difference. Wikipedia said that the 4.7 seconds is the DSG’s 0-60 time. The Manual’s 0-60 time is 5.7 seconds. Apparently, the DSG might have a lesser and a better result of a 0-60 time in approximately 3.9 to 4.3 seconds to be estimated. And the Manual might have a 0-60 time of 4.9 to 5.7 or 6.3 seconds as estimated.

Also the Manual’s torque is low, it has 379nm (280 lb ft), while DSG’s torque is much more quicker, which has 420nm (310 lb ft). It must be a complaint why Golf R in Forza is a US-spec that offers Manual, rather than an EU-spec where it’s DSG only.

And unlike the Cadillac CT4 & 5-V Blackwings, I’m okay with their manual transmission options because majority of cars in the USA are 90% Automatics and maybe 10% are Manuals.

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6.3 in an awd car with tons of power that is strange