Volkswagen Golf 2019-current (MK8)

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Volkswagen Golf (Eighth generation)

This Topic is for voting on versions of this model other than the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R already featured in FH5 and FM2023.


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Which bodystyle do you prefer?

  • Hatchback
  • Estate
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Which version do you prefer?

  • Original (MK8)
  • Facelift (MK8.5)
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Which trim level do you prefer?

  • Standard (TSI/eTSI/TDI)
  • GTI (380/GTE/GTD)
  • R (20 Years Edition/333)
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Which powertrain do you prefer?

  • Petrol
  • Diesel
  • Hybrid
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2025 Golf R is recently lapping around in the Nordschleife. Thought it kinda looks the same as the pre-facelift that is already in-game, but I noticed that the difference is the new Interior design, but they didn’t show it in the 8.5 Golf R.

The good news is:
Golfs GTI and R Mk8.5 will NO LONGER offer a Manual gearbox. VW confirmed that they will have it available for the standard Golf models only. Because DSG is well-known in the most recent Golf performance models.

The bad news:
It will be the very last Golf with an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine). This will be the last legendary Golf in the world.

Forza devs, time for the DSG Golf to show up. So that DSG fans can rest easy and feel happy.

Although, the only thing they can be fully happy is to have it as an EU-spec. A proper EU-spec of course, where it has no marker lights on the sides of the front bumper.

I am a manual lover, but I exempt Golf R from having one because I see that the DSG gives better torque, acceleration, and shifting.

DSG Fans, cheer up! I know some of you new-gen Golf fans are disappointed that the Golf R is always represented in Manual gearboxes, so I hope y’all will be happy to see this!


Here’s the photo for the Mk8.5 Golf’s interior. This is taken from the GTI model.

Golf R 8.5 would have R badges, Blue interior lighting, and Blue screen & gauges on the new interior, as a difference.

Last thing to tell is, it should have proper Taillights. The EU Golf GTI & R got these Expensive-looking elegant Taillights that fits them alot compared to the ones in the USA where it was based on the standard Golf. We are asking for a proper EU Golf so we can all rest easy.

US Taillights:

EU Taillights:


Golf GTI Pre Facelift

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I dont think they will add this anytime soon though since it was literally just revealed this week

Also if the DSG is so much faster why cant they just make a faster regular manual like BMW manual M2 is only 0.2 seconds slower than the automatic

I know, but this is a reminder for the devs to see it. So by the time it releases, they’ll eventually add it in the future.

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Majority of RWD sports coupes are the ones in need of Manual gearboxes. But in some cases, other RWD coupes such as Grand Tourers, became Automatics. So that’s obviously fine for them.

But for Golf, I only trust Mk1-5 for Manuals, then Mk6-8 for DSG.

For the new BMWs M3 and M4, they’re in Competition models in-game as they are Automatic. They have more HP than the standard manual ones.

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I think they should have just built a better manual that is almost as fast as the automated dual clutch manual

I guess they just want to lose customers and not add the manual later on since Euro 7 is less strict they said the killed it because of Euro 7 and it was developed when Euro 7 was stricter so Im not sure if they will change their mind and add the manual back in since like I said Euro 7 is not as strict as before they could do anything they have in their inventory

I doubt this will be added at all. The Mark 8.5 is mostly an interior refresh with little to no changes to the exterior or performance. It’d be a waste of time and resources unless you REALLY want that new interior.

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If they add one I hope its a base 1.5 TSI as that one still has a manual

Ok. If you asked for it…


LOL is this why you want a base Golf? This is a racing game and they don’t usually add base models of certain cars too often because they have high-performance specs.


Yes thats the only traditional Golf alongside the base model diesel

golf 8.5r will only have dsg change. It is presented throughout this year. and it will most likely have more power and be better than what the current 20th anniversary R is already


Golf MK8.5R


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Wishlist: VOLKSWAGEN GOLF ESTATE (2024) Preferrably in Left Hand Drive
Photo Reference: Volkswagen Golf R Estate review: brilliant, but for one fatal flaw… Reviews 2024 | Top Gear

Practical Luggage Space? Family of 4 but feeling fast and sporty? The Volkswagen Estate (2024) has you covered. A sporty wagon that can go head to head with the RS6 Avant, this VW is a subtle yet stylish looking family car that is commonly popular in british roads. A perfect cruise car around the map.

PS - Please don’t include this in Hybrid / Electric version.

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I must say they probably went for a 2019 US Spec Golf R because that model year it got tons of new colours and in Europe the Manual was killed in December 2018 although it would be nice if we get more Golf Rs of that generation such as a facelifted 2 door Golf R and a pre facelift R 4 door (wouldnt mind the euro spec as that model year still came with a manual)and a Golf R Wagon(dsg only but I guess if they add it they can make both purists (hatchback)and people who prefer dsgs happy(wagon) as for the MK8 we need the Wagon too so we could also compare manual vs dsg I guess

Forza devs needs some explaining here…

PGG, you recorded the DSG sounds and farts for the Golf R, but you only implement the Manual gearbox one? This is quite ridiculous.

Because we already had the pre facelifted Mk7 so they added the Sound to it also did you know that 40 percent of Golf R buyers in America went for the manual last year