VIP pack & Car pack without special editions

I plan on buying the “ultimate mega sooper dooper all-pro/all-world” edition. Will VIP be sold individually, so that my son’s profile will get double race credits also?

I think this is the case yes; the VIP Pass is already listed as seperate purchase on the Store.

Yes. The VIP pass will be sold separately and going off the prices of previous Forza games, it’ll probably be $20.

Since we are all wondering if a physical limited edition/ultimate will be available sometime soon, let’s say it doesn’t and only the standard is available. Are users who purchase the physical game able to purchase an upgrade to the Ultimate version?

I don’t see this explained by Turn 10 or any official statement, would like to know and it would pretty much quell some stuff on here. On the Xbox marketplace, only the full versions are available, no upgrades (that I saw).

I would like Turn 10 to comment on this path to upgrade, assuming standard is the only version that will be available at retailers. I think this would be a good compromise for disc buyers and to be honest, nobody should “lose out” just because they want the disc version.

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you cant support legacy items forever. There must be incentive for people to move to digital.

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Don Mattrick said the same thing and now we have backwards compatibility.
I would understand if Sony/Microsoft said “going forward all games are digital starting July 1st”, but they didn’t and it’s not happening soon.

If it ends up being this way, then fine, I just want to hear it from Turn 10 themselves so I know what to do.

EDIT: Just realized what Dust meant, “Ultimate” is the incentive. Wow, that would stink for some.

Don came out with the wrong message and didnt explain what it was they actually wanted to do.

Gamestop is the one that had the biggest issue with used games being killed off, not so much the consumers. This has to happen. There is no stopping it.

If they had communicated properly, then the xbox one and sony would have had the discs as nothing more than a installation medium, much like PC, where the code/serial is then activated against your account.

That whole debacle has set everything back (on the console side) by years. PC killed off physical games back in 2004 with the launch of steam. People had an outcry regarding how valve made this push using Half Life 2. No one cares anymore, and everyone praises steam/valve.

MS wants to be Steam. For that to happen, physical must die, and with it, used games.

see here

Is the car pass going to be offered separately or will the only way to get it be through the ultimate edition?

I’d like to know how much it’s going to be aswell.
$20 is the difference between the delux and ultimate versions.

So will it also be $20 separately?

I know a few people who want just the regular version but also want the car pass.

Given Greenawalt’s answer and that these passes have been available to everyone in previous games, the answer is almost certainly that it will be available to buy on September 15 or anytime beyond that, available to any edition owner.

Note that the Car Pass begins with the October car pack (F&F is the September pack) and covers six packs, not unlimited DLC.


Hi I know this might have been asked before but I am new to the forum think and was wondering if I could get some answers on a question I had. I will not be getting the special editions but at a later date I think I would defiantly be interested in purchasing them. Will there be any options for me to buy the car pass and/or the VIP pass from the Xbox store?


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I preordered Forza 6 on disc and was wondering if at launch of the game, will I be able too buy these
DLC: Fast & Furious Car Pack
DLC: VIP Membership
DLC: Car Pass

Thank you sorry if this has been asked before?

Yes you can buy them at launch.

I would also like clarification on the VIP membership. Based on the Xbox Store for Australia the site says that it is BUNDLE ONLY. Buy Forza Motorsport 6 VIP | Xbox
I hope it is available outside the Ultimate or Deluxe edition bundles.
If it is available as a separate purchase, they should update the Xbox Store to reflect this.

Look up to the confirmation earlier in this thread. They’ll change the status by launch so VIP can be purchased separately.

Thanks. I hope they change the status by launch.

Well I pre Ordered the Normal Edition from Best Buy the didn’t have a deluxe edition or ultimate. I do want the VIP pass it there a way to purchase it separately ?