VIP Level Up Spins Suck

I’m getting Spins of $2000 ($4000 with VIP) way to many times

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I was at 1 million credits yesterday, I’m at 3 million today. 90% of that was from spins…

However after level 300 spins will become more and more rare. I’m level 337 and have 8 million in the bank. Bought nothing major aside from a Centenario for 2.3 million and a D-type for 1.5. However there are lots of cars that cost 10 million. In Forza 6 and Horizon 2 you could own all cars at one point, I don’t think that’s possible in an acceptable time frame here. I expect them to bring microtransactions in again with the first update, the economy sure looks like it is set up to encourage buying the expensive cars with real money.

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Im having the same issue
Not really bothered by it though
Dont want to finish the game too quickly

right now this is my only gripe with this game strangely…

i’ve gotten far too many 7k prizes and never even sniffed a Horizion car yet it’s driving me nuts

Same here. Love the game, but why so stingy?

Level 81, 34hrs of driving time and only earned 7.5M total. Doesn’t even buy one of the top cars

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I do agree - That Is My Only Gripe - The Game Otherwise “Rocks”!

Horizon 2 and Forza 6 had solid wheelspin mechanics. Granted, they still gave out their fair amount of tripe, but they haven’t actively aggravated me like this game’s wheelspin does.

At level 120 or so, the Horizon Edition cars are coming up less and less. I’ve managed to collect three of the cars, but with an annoying regularity, if and when they are mentioned as being prizes, I can guarantee what I will actually get will be some freakishly low amount of credits that helps me little to none.


same with me. I’m level 16, have almost 1.5 million in my account, most spins give me from 4k to 10k (with VIP). I make less money on average for leveling up than repeating easy races/challenges. Doesn’t motivate to level up. We should get more cars and less money with the spins…

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I think it’s just pure bad luck.

I’m doing decent actually. There’s a mix of low credits and high credits, good cars and bad.

It’s really coming down to luck. You can earn as much more credits by doing exhibitions, championships and bounty races as well.


This pretty much sums it up for me.

Yep same here, mixed results. Much better than in FM6 tbh where spins and credits gained were out of control. It can’t be easy mode like in FM6 and expect to have an AH with a healthy economy to back that up.

The most expensive car I had from a wheel spin was the 875,000 credits Ford T6 Rally Ranger which is fine with me. It’s good the cars costing over that price don’t show up on wheelspins.

I believe there was a screenshot pre-release about an expensive old timer showing up as a Forzathon reward though so even without spending credits you might be able to get some high value cars.

Same here. It’s sad when I get excited at 50,000 (which is a VERY rare spin). Most often it’s less than 10k. Pretty much a waste of time and I actually dread the wheelspin.

It’s not just that. The wheelspin also seems doggedly determined to, if it gives you a car, give you the absolute worst car on the list.

“Hey! Check this out! We are offering a 2012 Nissan GT-R Horizon Edition if you play our game! So step right up, pull that lever, and…oh, just missed it. But don’t you worry. You’ll still be getting a car! Enjoy your brand new, pristine BMW Isetta Export!”

This actually happened.

I was unamused, which is the nicest word I can type here on these forums to describe it.


Im level 372, garage value is approx 130M, amount earned approx 40M (I don’t think this includes spins)

Received 5 HE cars, 6 including a duplicate which wheelspin let me quick sell for 5M (good stuff)

Personally experienced very fair wheel spins, doesn’t leave me dry. I have around 150 cars and just spent about 20M buying Hyper/Super cars which I will list below, that took me down a lot but already back up to 10M

Recently Purchased
McLaren P1
La Ferrari
599 GTO
Lykan Hypersport
Aston GT12

I wish I could play that much.

You’d probably have to have no life outside of video games then.

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Yeah, you guys are probably just experiencing a case of bad luck. Maybe try saving some wheelspins till you acquire, say, 5, and try spinning them all at once?

I’ve had my share of 2,000CR wheelspins but the wheelspins have been very nice to me for the past several levels.

Same here. Level 58 or 59 now and I have gotten ONE HE car and most spins produce the 4k to 20k.

Level 210ish, 13 HE cars and already starting to stash the cash.

Sure i get some 2k spins but i dont expect cr handed to me on a platter.

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