Vehicle lights and projection

I would have posted this earlier to get feedback but I have been just letting this stew. Similar issues seem to be in FH3 threads.

Along with the brightness issues with the game, I have found that some or a lot of the vehicle’s brake lights are really dim. (While I don’t have every braking point memorized like some, I use the computers braking point to adjust my point.) One car (I can’t remember which) just had the center light illuminate while under braking and the other two tail lights acted just as that…tail lights. Another small issue has been with headlamp projection at dusk and dawn. The headlamps indicate they are on, but wont throw onto the road or the cars in front of it. I’m pretty certain it works at night.

Anyone feel or notice the same issue? Or is this another one of those “Well, your TV is garbage”, “Its optimized for HDR”, “The game was made for the Xbone, not Xbone”?


Yes, all these problems are real. Some inconsistencies are really baffling like watching the headlight pods of the Porsche 928 up but with no lights on within some races (happening also on many cars with pop-up headlights) and the brake lights are very dim on the vast majority of cars, which is really annoying.

And that’s really funny, because the same brake lights are absolutely excellent on Forza Horizon 3. In fact, general lighting is much better on FH3, while FM7 makes it all feel a bit more dull. Night races on FH3 are excellent, because even on pitch black moments at night, you can still see the skybox full of stars. On FM7, it’s just black skies and that’s it, until one of the preprogrammed skybox behaviors are executed and you start to see the sunshine. Suddenly, there’s a sky above you.


The lighting on cars are extremely dim across the board.

In full night condition, this is as bright as the headlights on the 488 will get apparently:

These are the taillights under braking:

Here’s FH3 for comparison, in daylight:

Not only are are they extremely hard to see when the AI cars decide to brake check you, they just don’t have that same “glow” as was in FH3, where all the lights interacted with the car and environment.



Really needs the brake lights sorting out. They’re pretty much invisible, even in the dark.

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So nobody noticed how unusually bright the brake lights look on some cars at night or overcast conditions as you apply the brakes? Almost a bright orange/neon glow.

Just finished a race on Road America without headlights in multiplayer. For some reason my headlights where not on… Most intense race so far.
Does anyone know a fix for headlights not turning on in night races?

Any word on if they are working on this problem? if we could just see when people are braking that would help…That’s why they exist in real life you know…to signal the people around you that you are slowing down…Also, they need to just let us turn on our headloghts or turn them off, with pop up headlights it would be neat to be able to toggle it in game, like a simulator game.