Using a wheel

Curious - does anyone here use a wheel exclusively in FH4?
My experience: street and road racing vs. AI is GREAT with a wheel. I can get my best times in Rivals with a wheel. That’s B to S2 class.
Racing online street or roads can be difficult because of rammers. If you get hit it’s way easy to lose control.
Cross country and dirt racing are nearly impossible for me with a wheel - it’s like racing on ice. Using the controller CC/Dirt is much preferred.
I’d like to hear others’ experiences :slight_smile:

I’ve ordered a G920 with pedals, I’m going to test it. I’m used to the controller though, but my curiosity made me want to test the wheel out. Maybe in 5 they will update the wheel abilities to include force feedback?

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I’m using a wheel (G29) only and wouldn’t want to use anything else. For an arcadish game like this the setup options are actually quite good and the feedback also is ok.

Like you’ve said offroad races can be a bit tricky but I’ve found a way to at least be competitive by making the suspension of the cars a lot stiffer so you don’t have that “bouncy sway” after jumps. Using cars with a longer wheel base also greatly helps to keep the car going straight.

It could be helpful to configure different wheel setups for different terrains. You can actually save 5 different ones if I’m not mistaken but switching between them everytime may is a little cumbersome (much like turning on and off TCR). An option to switch setups on the fly or having them assigned to different types of cars would be a nice feature.

@AquaPainter168: The game has force feedback and it’s not the worst I’ve seen (looking at “The Crew” for example). Just make sure you turn the “rattle” down close to zero.

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Yep, there’s force feedback. I have a G920 and like it for the price.
Stiffer suspension, eh? I’ll try that, it does make sense as one slight oversteer and I find myself doing a 360 in CC.
It’s like the feedback you get with street vehicles is good- you get a good sense of weight (like when the wheels are gonna let loose), but on dirt and especially cross country it’s much more “slippery” for whatever reason.

The problem actually isn’t that the cars are veering off (which is realistic) but that there’s absolutely nothing you can do to correct it. No matter what input you’re giving with the wheel and pedals it just seems like the car is “scripted” to do it’s thing and only after it’s done you’re allowed to get the control back.

This is my current “Extreme Offroad” car and setup.

It’s so hard and low that the wheels are actually clipping through the front fenders when turning. It’s constantly “bottoming out” (hitting the bumpstops after a jump) but it’s still better than driving one of these “trampolines” and works (at least for me). :wink:

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That design is really nice. I’m not a VIP so I don’t have access to that truck. Well I do, but it’d cost $20. Have to mess around with something else.

Didn’t knew that car is something special, sorry. If you have access to the Lamborghini LM 002 you could try this instead. Setup name would be “BWOB #002” in this case. It’s about the same handling-wise except for it having a slightly shorter wheelbase. Which is noticeable but doesn’t makes such a huge difference.

Besides that thanks for the design comment. It’s derived from a small sticker on an original Calsonic Skyline. Seems this company was involved with setting at least some of the race cars up. Just as little sidenote. :wink:

Wow you’ve done a TON of designs! You’re an artist :slight_smile:
I’m trying out the Lambo today. It sounds like “practice” is the word for the day. Controller is easy for Cross Country - the more chaos the better. With a wheel it’s like driving on eggshells at the moment. Perhaps it’ll get better. Good news is, asphalt is really fun, and quite controllable, even in S2 class. Thanks for the tune and all your design work

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It’s strange that the cars would be slippery with a wheel.

Gamepad has many helper wheel does not. Offroad is easy on a gamepad, even more easy on a keyboard. With a wheel, you need to steer on your own.

It doesn’t feel like I’m being helped… apart from having an indestructible car, and a central balance in the air.

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You definitely don’t steer there. Wait for a wheel :wink: Offroad is completely different than tarmac. Keyboard users has even higher advantage than gamepad.

Maybe the wrong term, but hard to drive, even in A Class CC/Dirt for me. I’d be interested to hear what you think when your wheel comes in.

2 months delivery…

That’s incredible.

Did you share your tune?

Yes, “BWOB #744” is the name of the setup and also the livery. The setup should be S1 900 but I can also give you the relevant suspension settings if that isn’t what you need.

Cool, I’ll try it

When I starting playing I did so with kb+m. Thats easy (cause the game givers you the maximum assist) but neither very good nor very fun.

Switched to a G920. Took me a few days till I got comfortable with it, but then I never looked back. Now I have a G923 (moar buttons, was on sale on amazon for a while. was actually cheaper then the 920) and I think its a bit smoother then the 920. Feels better so to say.

Its really just a matter of practice. Once you got the hang on it, and you know how to ‘feel’ the force feedback, its absolutly great. You can actually feel how much traction you have and if you need to slow down. And its very precise.

Road, dirt, offroad, all fine. Yeah, on the first few days I lost control permanently. I couldn’t drive in a straight line for 10 meters. What I actually did was, I took a ferrari GTO, went to the airport, and drove up and down for a few hours. First slow, then ever more faster.
Nowadays I drive single handly most of the time with no issues whatsoever.

Just make sure to use ‘simulation steering’.


Delivery time gone down to 3 weeks now. 2 months must be their estimated delivery time.

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