Uploading of Vinyls From An Outside Source?

If you search some of the liveries available for download by other users, you’ll find things like literally photographs of things, celebrities, characters from Anime, things like that. Now, I’ve asked this before and this seems usually to irritate a lot of people for some reason, but I feel compelled to ask again. Is there some way that people are able to upload actual images from outside sources into the game to be used as liveries? I ask this because if you look at what’s available to you when creating a new livery and then have a look at some of the ones available for download, there is no possible way that someone could create that image using a bunch of shapes. As an example, there is a perfect photographic image of Nicholas Cage as one of the liveries available. You’re telling me that was made with a bunch of circles, squares and lines? I just can’t get there. Does anyone know if there is a way to upload images into the game?

No they are all hand made, youtube a making video you will see what i mean


Short answer is no.

Long answer is equally no.

I’ve been painting in Forza since FM1 when we only had a hundred layers to deal with and the answer then and now and all the times in between is no. Images cannot be uploaded for use in the game.

Full stop.

Yes, there’s some very good work out there and it defies the imagination to think that it was created using the editor but it was.


And if you’re impressed with what’s done today, you should have seen what the likes of Ollie and Fruitster managed to do with layer glitching back when we had only a thousand layers per side.

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I know there isn’t.

Have a look at my gallery linked in my sig - although that’s FM7 to be fair. Still the same applies.

The key to painting things like portraits, is making friends with the gradient circles. You can paint literally anything with enough gradient circles. There are other shapes that are useful for creating life like hair for example, some of them surprisingly simple - some of it is about tricking the eye in to filling in the blanks as it’s clearly not possible to paint every strand of hair. But with a few tricks and techniques, you can do enough, that the eye/ brain fills in the rest with what it expects to see. If you want I will post a few work in progress images to try and illustrate how you might go about creating something you wouldn’t have necessarily thought possible with the shapes available and what shapes I regularly use.


I can accept these answers, but A) I heard rumors from FH3 that there was some means to cheat an image into the game using Google chrome but I can’t determine the accuracy of that rumor, and B) I can’t imagine where someone can possibly learn to create images like this from this editor. Is it just a matter of years upon years of random practice or is there some kind of offline editor to practice with in a better way? Is there some kind of instruction as a shape by shape walkthrough of how to make these? I know that every layer is based on an x / y axis of size, shape and position, even skew so that leads me to wonder if there are like instructions to making some of these things, like how someone can learn to make what is essentially a photograph of a person from the editor is baffling.

There was a hack at some point in FM3 wherein some enterprising youngsters found a way to display adult images but that was quickly rectified and no one has been able to reproduce it since. In certain circles, Forza is well known as an incredibly hard nut to crack and long may it stay that way.

Many of us that still paint today have been at it a long time, years in many cases. You should be able to find dozens of tutorial videos on YouTube that illustrate in detail just how images are put together, layer by excruciating layer. As for methods, some people paint by eye, some use ligne clare sort of outlining, some use grids, some trace, it just depends on the painter themselves and what they are comfortable with or what they feel best works.

Most of the designs I create for my cars are based on geometric design and I even get so far into it a lot of times that I use the x/y axis to perfectly calculate the exact dimensions of every layer that I use, but for as excellent as a lot of my designs turn out I’m fairly positive that I could never randomly stumble upon to the necessary combined shapes and dimensions it would take to perfectly print a photograph of Taylor Swift onto the hood of my car (not that she would even make it onto my vehicle even if I knew how to make her), but I can think of a few dragon designs that would be very useful to my team of drivers based on the team that we run. Alas, I don’t know how to mix the right stuff together to even come close to making something like that.

I joined the forums back on FM2 - I was initially amazed by what I was seeing in the AH at that time. Once I found the forums and more specifically the painters section - I was blown away by what was being created. So I had a go and painted some initially cartoon images - Ren & Stimpy, Dilbert - some Marvel things & posted these on the forums.

What I found was that the painting community actually were great at sharing tips and if someone had posted a work in progress of a person and you asked them how they had done that. They would talk you through what shapes they’d used to do what, what sort of techniques they used for hair, how they’d achieved texture on a certain part of the image.

An example would be - Redesign (later to become Phred a member of the T10 team) used to have a sample of hair on top of a mini, he would just gift you, to show how he’d made a section of hair for one his cars. Other painters were willing to share their work, so you could if you wanted pull it apart and see what was used where.

There are a lot of helpful painters out there willing to help someone who is genuinely trying to learn. Yes it takes time - although some people take to it a lot quicker than others. I have no artist background, I work a full time job in a bank - just about the least artistic thing you can think of.

It’s kind of nice to have the livery editor as a way to lose a couple of hours working on something that hopefully will produce that wow reaction from someone - even if posting habits have changed and you don’t get that all too often these days. When it does happen, it can really make your day and makes putting in the effort to come up with some of these things worthwhile.

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No man its all in game shapes i even tryed its tedius but not impossible

Well I certainly have a desire to learn when I can in perhaps an effort to improve the brands of Amy’s Dragons and Project:TheDarkness.My skills are pretty rough though for now and while I’m pretty decent at anything that can be mathematically created, I have no idea how to mix and match. The closest thing I’ve come to with that is a laser design I’ve used in both FH3 and FH4 now with the use of the transparent star shapes, which looks alright.

@ForzaHorizon4Ry … I don’t know how long you’ve been in the Forza games or the painting scene … but I had some of the same thoughts as you when I first started painting (FM5 in my case … I’m relatively new to the paint game). I couldn’t believe some of the things I saw and thought there’s no way those things were created with circles, squares and triangles. But … I was wrong. There are some truly amazing artists in the Forza paint community.

Best advice I can give is just keep getting in there and put the hours in to learn and improve. As others have mentioned … I have also found that the Forza paint community is very open and helpful and willing to share techniques and whatever. If you see that someone’s done something that you want to learn … just ask them how they did it. Chances are they’ll be willing to share advice.


I’ve never gone full tutorial on this sort of thing - mainly because I’m not the best person at it lol. I’m still trying to get people to look like the people they’re meant to be - although I think I have more hits than misses these days (or the fumes from the paint booth have finally driven me crazy).

However there are plenty of posts like this knocking around from people like me (this was FM4);

Trying to show how I’ve built up the design with these pics. Face 1 is 217 layers, Face 2 bit more shading and built up hair a bit and neckline 328 layers & Face 3 more shading again and slightly dodgy ear 430 layers.

Included Face 3 so you can see progress to Face 4 - Painted in basic dress and most of body now 485 layers.

Face/ step 5 started to shade main body, added other arm 576 layers down

Face/ step 6 Added even more shading lol now 614 layers.

There was a lot more time put in to it after that but it ended up looking like this;

That was on FM4 where you were limited to 1000 layers per side - now you have access to 3000 should you need them, so the detail you can put in to an image if you so choose is pretty incredible.

Dang! Really solid work!

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You can find time lapse videos on youtube for proof that these amazing creations are done layer by layer : Forza 4 Time Lapse Paint, Darth Maul, STAR WARS car design part 1.m2ts - YouTube

As it stands, I’m not the leading decision on what our team is looking for. That would be Amy herself but she had me put up an official request for a paint and livery designer in the paint booth topic that she composed herself so hopefully that should help us to find what we need. These all look amazing!

I’m a very rank amateur compared to these guys but in FM7 I had decided I wanted to use the company I work for and products we sell logos and was rather creative with different shapes to flush a few things out or tweek them just right to fill stuff in. At first I thought it was imported images myself but then realized some people are just amazing at this. One guy over in FH3 and I’m sure he is here as well made some nice van wraps with each of the members of KISS and then one with all 4 on it. I was very impressed with those.

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If it’s impossible to upload photos, how do I have a real-life photo of Taylor Swift on the bonnet of my Skyline?

That cannot be editor use, for sure… [Mod Edit - Abbreviated profanity, profanity and profanity that is disguised but still alludes to the words are not permitted - D]