[FAQ] How To Upload Images To Forza For Use in Painting

Q: How do I upload images into Forza so I can use them in paints?
A: This is not possible, has never been possible, and will likely never be possible.

Q: Are you sure?
A: Quite sure.

Q: But I’ve seen incredible looking images on cars that have to be imported images!
A: Hard as it may be to believe, they are the result of hard work, time and persistence of the fantastic painters you see posting below.

Q: How do they do it?
A: They use the vinyl editor in-game, combined with time and effort and expertise that results from years of practice.

Q: The editor only has the most basic of shapes, surely there’s some sort of sorcery involved, isn’t there?
A: I promise you, it is indeed all done with the shapes you see in the editor. Also, in very few cases, some possible sorcery.

Q: Are you sure?
A: Quite sure.


I think you are working with outdated information