Upgrade Progression - Car Parts unlock purchasable with CR (Factory Backing)

There’s been plenty of discussion about the CarXP system for unlocking car upgrades and how the system interacts with Online Multiplayer or for people that don’t have the time to play the game 24/7. So I want to propose a system that might prove a solution.

Just to clarify how I think about the system:
I think the system sounds really fun for solo play, the feeling of progressing and developing a car the more you drive it. But for multiplayer, I sometimes want to use a car that I don’t own yet or recently purchased and I don’t want to spend 2 hours (indication I’ve seen used) to unlock every part. Especially in private lobbies with friends where we do custom (TopGear style) challenges.

What if there was a system that gives you access to all parts of the car , not by collicting X amount of CarXP, but by spending X amount of CR? In an ideal world the amount of CR will take (slightly) longer to collect than the amount of CarXP. This way people that go for the CarXP route are better of and people that don’t want to put in effort for every car will have to put in effort elsewhere but still have the freedom.

I would like the system to be seen as ‘Factory Backing’.
Getting the support from the manufacturer in getting upgrades for the car. This can be given as an option when purchasing the vehicle, or afterwards in the upgrade menu.
Optionally, if you’re a higher level with the manufacturer is, you get a discount on Factory Backing.

I think adding this would be a great solution for the people who don’t have the time to collect CarXP for every car, but still play the game enough to collect CR. What do you think?
I know the game is closing in on it’s release date, so seeing this at launch won’t be very likely. I believe adding this system later on shouldn’t cause too many problems since you first have to build up your CR by playing the game.

EDIT: As clarification, I don’t want to create a separation between solo/multiplayer. I mean for this to be implemented in the entire game.
EDIT: Changed some of the description around the CR cost, should be clearer now.

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I don’t know if Forza will implement a way to show your current CarXP level, to show off how much effort you’ve put into the car. If this is used and you’ve instead bought Factory Backing, it would show ‘FB’ instead of the level.
This way the people that will put effort into leveling every car still get to show their accomplishments to the people that have chosen to unlock parts with CR.

Idea stolen from Banjacked8153:

Your XP opens up progresion to higher level racing. I don’t think arguments will be there for that.

Your “CarXP”, how well you hit apexes, how clean you race instead of bouncing off everyone, how well you keep it between the lines, etc, tots up and gives you discounts on upgrades, so the incentive to drive properly is there. The better you drive, the less of your hard earned credits are needed to upgrade. The worse you drive, then because of low “CarXP” earned added to deductions for poor driving and penalties, the more you pay. The incentive is like the real world, being hit in the wallet is the best incentive to behave out there.

You have to grind a bit, you always ultimately have had to anyway, you haveto be more “selective” in your upgrades becausethe cash just doesn’t get thrown at you, but your overall options are far more wider from the start.

Personally I really like this idea as it goes back to the FM4 progression which is still my favourite of the ones I’ve experienced!


This needs to happen now. The grind is ridiculous. I’m not even a person who likes a ton of different cars. But even my limited tastes are going to make upgrading my garage a miserable experience.

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In my opinion completely removing the level lock on upgrades is a better solution. But if T10 wants to stick to it’s concept a workaround like this does need to be added.
I also hope it gets done quickly because every review I’ve heard and 90% of the reactions (myself included) of it I read here does not like the system.


Or they could have just left the system alone. I love buying upgrades and just tinkering with cars which I have done in all the prior games and Horizon. This RPG-like method was just a bad idea. Should have let us get manufacturer perks by driving their cars (instead let it be all the cars by a maker) and left the upgrade shop alone.


I agree with most everything everyone is saying, however this is how I look at it. If you want to go for a realistic racing sim. Parts wouldn’t be locked behind a level wall. They would be locked behind how good a driver you are. Meaning the better I race the more credits I have to BUY the parts. I am most disappointed in this forza. I regret right now buying the VIP stuff. I work a full time job and have a family. With this system I may get one. Car maxed out. I’ll never get to have fun with the cars I’ve had fun with in every other one. At this time im teetering on the fence about uninstalling this utter discrace to the series.


This is an OK idea, but how many manufacturers only have a few cars? I am not grinding for to get the approval of some Chinese company in game with one car so I can mod it.

Should have just left upgrades alone and had fun bonuses for driving manufacturers cars. This game is Windows 8 of the Forza series.

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Not happy with hole game think am bored all ready I played all them from get go this one is bad

Just did this yesterday. 2 hours mind you, and still barely hit level 40 on a single car. Not looking forward to having to go through that for everything I like to drive…

Like so many others have said: I’ve been happy with the driving mechanics, but being locked out of modding cars is a pain.

The slow per-car progression is gonna lose more players than it gains. It didn’t enhance “replayability”, it added a boring chore.


So true am already bored of it I payed 85 pound for game they don’t care what u put

I would say Vista of the Forza series.

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I like your idea.

Alternatively, I’ve been thinking about that level 1 mods (outside of engine swaps, aspiration changes, etc) and rubber choices are available from the start. All the remaining upgrades require leveling.

Ie, you can get your sports car track ready ASAP, but if you want to turn your street car into a racecar then you have to put in the time.


I’m new to the series. I bought the game, and am quickly considering a refund until the CarXP system is amended.
I love the leveling system. I love the concept of driving a car to unlock parts to make it better. It creates a more intimate system where you have to learn what the strengths and weaknesses of your car are, and what upgrades you might actually want to make the car better for you specifically.

However, the execution has a massive flaw. It’s insanely hard to jump into a car at random and see what it’s like at a specific PI Class. And many of the radical parts that introduce drastic changes (Engine Swaps, Aspiration, and Drivetrain Swaps) are locked to very high levels that take longer than the rest. Not to mention the lack of singleplayer career modes that cater to E, D, and R/P class cars, meaning you have to grind time trials to get any cars at these levels up to C class, or in the case of high level racecars, grind them to infinity.

I highly recommend the addition of spending CR to unlock either car parts or car levels, preferably both. It really hurts the appeal when there’s a 2 hour grind per car to unlock everything, and over 500 cars in the game. I want to grow close to the cars I buy, but I don’t want to spend hours upon hours either getting it to a Class that is eligible for racing, or hours upon hours more just to do an AWD swap or drop in an LS engine. We need an alternative method here.


Honestly AAA developers need to stop pushing the same mobile game gated systems of progression that require you to spend multiple hours on menial tasks in order to slow down players. If they want to have a way that gates upgrade parts they just need to do something like a license test that requires the player to do a few short challenges to unlock the next level of upgrades. As someone that plays with a full sim rig and manual with clutch it’s ridiculous to me that I have to do an entire series with a car before I can buy the race clutch and transmission that make it not take 2 seconds for a shift to happen without destroying the transmission. They took a racing game and tried to apply FarmVille progression elements to it most likely to turn around and sell some stupid xp boost packs at $5/pop… this is an activision/blizzard/ea style system.


I’ve been reading through the verious topics on the forum discussing the upgrade system and it surprises me that there’s actually quite a few people that enjoy the system. Good to know T10 made some peope happy with it.
That’s why I think the workaround that’s all the way at the top of this topic can be a system that makes both parties happy! The people that enjoy it get to keep their system, the people that do not get a nice workaround!

Can’t believe all the people that whined about progression got what they wanted. Turns out just as many people don’t want it.

I’m of the opinion it’s not an RPG. I don’t care about progression. I don’t even care about money. I just want a racing sandbox where I can do what I want.

And T10, making me grind isn’t going to make me play the game longer. In fact, it’s going to do the opposite. Just because a bunch of little Timmy’s with ADHD can’t pay attention long enough to stay interested without little hits of dopamine every couple minutes doesn’t mean that’s your entire playerbase.


Same boat there. I never thought Forza lacked progression, I never thought it gave me too many cars or credits, and I really wish I could opt out of having to unlock stuff I already paid for.


The only progression we need is improving our laptimes. That is progression in a racing game.