Unlock manufacturer colors for all cars

  1. Unlock manufacturer colors for all cars, or at least to paint any car in a manufacturers stable any of said manufacturers colors

Yep. Good idea.

Disclaimer: I’ll be comparing games in order to make this as easy and understandable as possible as written on Forza Forum Tips & guidelines, principle number 6. Many thanks to the devs for providing this information. This suggestion is about Forza Horizon 5.

It would be great if we can get the ability to use car manufacturer color paint on all cars, or at least to have triple color paint editor in order to match those manufacturer colors properly. For example, Gran Turismo have always had the ability to buy or “install” manufacturer color paint on all cars or at least more desirable colors since their Gran Turismo 5. I’ve had trouble color matching original paint to other cars as the paint editor is somewhat basic. Forza Horizon 5 is a masterpiece and a small feature like this will sure make it even greater.

“Here’s a video for demonstration purposes only.” Time stamp: 3:58

Once again thanks to everyone who works and makes Forza Horizon 5 better.

In previous Forza games you could replicate colours by painting a car from the brand whose colour you want in the shade you want (eg Ferrari 348 in red) then selecting another car to paint (the one you want to add that particular colour to). If you scroll right, passed manufacturer colours, solids, variety options, you get to the list of colours you’ve been using in this session. You can apply them to your new car. I’ve not tried it recently but hopefully it still works.
The GT version does seem better though.

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Hi :wave: thank you! About your suggestion, this doesn’t work on Forza Horizon 5, only works in Motorsport 7, works on regular and custom colors though. But even then the colors are not accurate in Motorsport 7. I would love to see a triple color paint that we can edit just like the dual tone color one. I love “Violet Magenta Metallic from TVR Sagaris, Lime Green Metallic from the ford GT500.” Sadly those colors have another shade stacked on top of the dual tones which cannot be replicated even with liveries. Perhaps I’m being too picky but I’ve been recreating manufacturer color paints from other games since 2007 it’s something I enjoy :hugs:.

Might seem obvious, but won’t know unless I ask, but the tri-tone effect can’t be replicated even with a tinted, semi-transparent vinyl layer as the third tone, or does that method alter the underlying paint colors too much to be effective, even if tweaking the paint tones to compensate…?

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You’re right, the tri tone cannot be replicated even with a semi transparent layer. I spent hours trying to mimic that “tri tone” effect using transparent layers. When adding a semi transparent layer it dulls the dual colors hence making it not suitable as a “tri trone”. Even while changing the texture all the way from matte to glossy. You can get away with having fixed layers as fake “highlights” but at that point it looks unrealistic and cartoony.

Gday, this is a much needed option and opportunity for artists and their creations, to either be as authentic to each manufacturer brand or to be as creative as they want to be for any car.
Some cars can be painted with other manufacturers colours and some can not, and some car colours can be used on design vinyls and some can not,
FH5, please lift the block on the colour library colours that are locked to each manufacturer and please make them available for both car colour painting and for the vinyl layers as well.
There’s some very creative and talented artists in the FH5 community, thank you to those exceptional artists for sharing their talented designs and well done to all for having a go!!
Keep up the amazing work everyone !!, happy driving, building up cars in the mechanical section and designing your perfect livery in the paint section!!
Also, good on you artists that help others out with specific livery designs they can’t do themselves.
ShadyMick from Australia.

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Even just give us a “Fan Favourites” DLC pack that has coveted colours that we can easily apply to any car.

Would love pantone correct versions of these that are easy to find:

Audi Merlin Purple
Audi Nardo Grey
Audi Suzuka Grey
Audi Ascari Blue

BMW Techno Violet
BMW Daytona Violet
BMW Laguna Seca Blue
BMW Estoril Blue
BMW Dakar Yellow
BMW Sepang Bronze
BMW Frozen (_________)

Porsche Ruby Star
Porsche Urban Bamboo Chromaflair
Porsche Miami Blue
Porsche Viola
Porsche Irish Green
Porsche Chalk

to name a few…