More paint colour options (Pearl, Metallic, Glitter and possibly more)

Forza’s paint options haven’t changed enough since Motorsport 5. The Custom Colours section deserves more love, especially since the only new options we got were some camos and zinc paints in Horizon 3 and the Spectraflame colours in Horizon 5.
What’s truly missing is more types of metallic and paint colours. I know it’s fully possible because many manufacturer paints that are already in the game have differing amounts of metallic and gloss effects. Just “Metal Flake” and “Two-Tone Gloss/Matte/etc.” isn’t enough considering we had the same options back in 2013.
The entire Custom Colours section also needs to be revamped, as it takes a while to scroll down to paints like Chrome or Gold. Paint types like Metallic, Pearl or Matte deserve their own colour palettes just like Normal Colours; that was the case before Motorsport 5. Multicolour paint options, Spectraflame colours, camo paints, Aluminium and Chrome type paints, all of these should be separated from each other for quicker access.

It would be awesome to have more color shift paints, pearlescent paints, or paint options in the game. Right now we can only use two colors in finishes like the metallic flake or two tone. I think it would be great if we could add an extra color of two so we could have a tri-color color shift.

It would be awesome to be able to make tri-color color shifts like these

Alex Choi’s Unicorn Huracan (Blue, Purple/Pink, and Yellow/Gold)

McLaren MSO Pacific Blue (Blue, Pink, and Orange)

Ford Mystichrome (Blue, Green, and Purple)(this is an example of a multicolor metallic flake)

McLaren MSO Chameleon Paint (Blue, Purple, and Green)(also kind of like a metallic flake)

McLaren MSO Cerberus Pearl (Blue, Purple/Pink, Orange/Yellow)


And a COLOR PICKER pleaseeeee!!!

Matching a color of a logo for example must be done manually, using fine adjusting option and calibrating HSV values, but some colors are pretty hard to catch.


I mean seriously, Midnight Club 3 had colourshift paint with up to 5 colours able to be applied back in 2005. And yet Forza is still using the same archaic paint system theyve been using for 15 years now… To put it in perspective Gran Turismo has completely revamped their paint system TWICE in that timeframe.


we need a candy option

Metallic paint needs to be much finer. If you compare it to OEM metallic paint it looks very coarse.

Another major breakthrough for Forza would be to let us pick different paint types for vinyls, just like car paint. Just think of the possibilities!


I would like to say if the rims are a 2 pc like a chrome lip and colored rim, uyou be able to change the color , like a black rim with a chrome lip, or green rim with the chrome lip that kinda thing, also would be cool to words on the windshield across the top, would be cool to change the color on the logos to not just the vinyls

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Hey guys. I’m a little late to this conversation but wanted to share the method I use for achieving the chameleon paintjobs in Forza games. All you need to do is paint the car the two-tone polished special color with blue as the base color and red as the highlight color. Overlay this with a green decal of .33 opacity on all panels and voila! See below tutorial video I have just uploaded. It was done in Forza Motorsport but can be done in all the other Forza games with the two-tone polish paint.

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I wish this was possible without applying any layers, if I recall correctly some Midnight Club game had 3+ tone paints.

That’s right. Midnight Club had color shift where you could select 5 different colors from the palette according to the wiki; it’s been ages since I played that but I remember it being good there.


More paint options is a Must for a Racing Game Especially if you want to combine different colours & type of paint with no Restrictions.

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