Turn10 please help me out.

Yesterday in an ABC lobby while loading a race it started to take longer than normal. My party members started the match and they said that I quit the race meanwhile I was still loading. So I went to dashboard and quit the game. When I restarted it at the main screen I pressed the A button and it said my device was full and to delete some files. Confused I restarted the game and it didn’t do that again. But I noticed that single player tile said I was in the Toyota Trueno. Again confused because I never bought that car. When I went to my cars to my unpleasent surprise… ALL MY CARS WERE GONE. VANISHED. Only the Toyota is present. Along with my cars, all my car affinity and leaderboard times also vanished. But with my leaderboard times one of friends last night was racing against one of ghosts. Idk weird. I called microsoft and they put me through every trick they knew to try and help all leading to them saying try your website here. Please help me out cause its kind of a buzz kill to start over my garage. I hope you help me or maybe gift some cars my way.

To contact Turn 10 directly, you’ll need to reach them via email at forzafb@microsoft.com. These forums do not serve a formal technical support function.

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You’re welcome.

Not that its any consolation, but this happened to my 8 yr old son yesterday (he was distraught). His career progress is still retained, as are his achievements and his (very small amount of) credits, but all his cars, lap times and affinity are set to zero.

I tried deleting the local save game from the console and resyncing from the cloud, but the resync has the same problem.

Going to try to see if Microsoft can restore an old sync (if they have such things)

Lost my save yesterday too. I don’t think there’s much they can do. So you either walk away or keep playing from the restarted new save.
I think what is lost or retained varies from gamer to gamer based on what I’m reading.
In my case Career progress wiped out. Driver level back to zero. Affinity wiped away, credits wiped. Progress toward some main achievements wiped.
Any achievements I gained I still have (and badges & titles for won cheevos remained unlocked.)
Progress toward DLC and some MP achievement progress has remained - they are not wiped.
Kept all my speed records on leaderboards.
And tho my garage was wiped clean - my LCE & other special cars WERE available FREE to buy. (All my DLC cars I bought were also free. ) So I was able to salvage 38 cars total.
All gifted cars from T10 were gone (sigh.)
The tokens I had left remained.

I was going to walk away until i realized I could still grab the DLC achievements because the progress was intact on all of them.
I’m not pleased I went from Level 170+ back to 0 - and losing all the affinity I had built up with 5 car makers.
I’ll limp through the best I can - refusing to upgrade to save money so I can rebuy the 2 cars I need for the DLC cheevos (close to 3 million.)
One done with them I’ll see if I feel like grinding anymore.

Unfortunately I think there is nothing they can do to restore lost progress - other than re-gifting lost cars & money to help you restart your career (and I have no idea if they’ll do that - I haven’t seen any posts that they have - so assume you’re on your own.)