Turn 10 give us more deadzone ajustments!

After a while now I’m getting tired of this game, the lower classes are controllable, but as you reach beyond b class, the cars spin out far to easy.
It’s not because of bad physics, but because of the incredible sensitive throttle and brake triggers.
Seems like 5% input on the trigger gives me 100% throttle, why can’t you adjust it so we can use the whole travel of the trigger instead of only 5%???
If streetcars gave us full throttle as soon as we touched the pedal it would be crazy, so why have it like that in this game?
When the engine sound is as low is it is combined with the trigger sensitivity I feel I don’t have the control I should have.
Please do something about it ASAP!!!

Why don’t you just adjust your deadzones 0-100. Ive never had a problem with sensitivity. And I run A all the time

I allready have deadzones at 0-100, but it still seems like the throttle is way too sensitive, and that there should be a way to adjust this futher so we don’t get imediate wheelspin unless we have fingers like surgeons :).
I’m used to my fanatec wheel, but as that is no longer supported I have to use the controller. In Forza 4 I felt I had full controll, but in Forza 5 I the engine sound is soooo low (unless you drive alone), this makes me miss shifts, combined with having wheelspin as soon as I touch the trigger makes the game frustrating.
And when it comes to AI braking I don’t know whats going on, I have to apply brakes waaaay earlier to make corners. If I follw the AI braking line and time they brake I fly off the course :(.

You can adjust deadzones by going to forza profile in the main menu scroll over to controller settings and hit X for advance setting to adjust all available deadzones

Its more of a controller triggers having less travel and less stiffness and less feel than the xbox 360. It looks like you a locking up your brakes and squezing the triggers too much. I personaly think the braking distances are shorter in F5 thans f4.

You can’t get more than 0-100.

I would if I could.