Throttle sensitivity compares to Forza 4

Hi guys, i’m new here.

Am I the only one zho thinks the throttle response and brakes are way too sensitive?

I loved to play Forza 4. You really could place the car where you want. Keep the car in balance with the throttle.

But with Forza 6… Horrible. Turning in the corner, slowly on the gas… You go waaay to slow. A bit more throttle and you go full throttle = drifting the whole corner.

Are there settings that cars react like forza 4? Drifting is fun, but I also like clean driving and time trails. Thanks a lot guys!

I think it’s a limitation of the hardware.

I find the last 5% of travel on the triggers is not recognized by the system. So even with your deadzones set to 0-100, it’s really 5-95.

:confused: Way to go Microsoft.

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Yes, this.

It was the same in FM5 too, so I wouldn’t expect a fix, the fact that you will lock your wheels at about 30-40% of travel makes braking an issue.

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I wouldn’t say this is a hardware related problem. Project CARS has much better throttle and brake sensitivity compared to FM5 or the FM6 demo (FM6 isn’t out in EU yet).
During all the time I played FM5, I couldn’t get comfortable with the braking and thus wasn’t really conficent enough to really push each lap to get the best times. Braking was always a hit and miss. Mind you I’ve been driving without any driving aids since FM3 on every Xbox360 and 'One driving game. And to be honest, FM5 and FM6 have somehow missed the spot on the trigger sensitivity and feel by quite some margin.
At first I also thought it was an issue with the controller. But after playin some F1 2015 and pCARS, where the braking is much more linear, it seems like it’s an issue with the XOne FM games.

Damn… That’s what I loved about forza 4. Realistic driving and nice control of brakes, throttle and steering…

i find the standard steering in f6 plays close to f4. Sim steering makes pretty much every rwd car oversteer with a controller in tight corners making it hard to control. I just don’t think this game with designed with with a controller in mind unless you use some sort of assist.

Yeah FM6 was designed for a controller but I think the game recommends normal steering for a controller.

The controls changed significantly from FM4 to FM5. 5 was much more difficult and the brakes and accelerator triggers were much more sensitive. But it seems to me FM6 has improved the controls very slightly. You’ll get used to it - and when you go back and play fm4 it will feel somewhat dead.

I’ve used a wheel since the early days of FM3 and unfortunately have had to return to the controller for the time being. I was never comfortable with it in FM2 or 3, but I have to say the new controller feels much better. Still prefer a wheel obviously, but I have gotten pretty comfortable with the controller already. I have my deadzones all at 0 and 100%. You do have to learn to feather the inputs, especially braking, but I found it to be a quick adjustment to get used to. I do still use normal steering as I found sim to be a bit too twitchy right now, but I will probably switch over once I get even more settled in with the handling and tuning of the cars. This is just my personal experience obviously, others will be different.