TrackIR support for ALL FORZA titles

It is high time to implement TrackIR in upcoming FORZA titles (even MS FS2020 is officially supporting it now).
If MS wants its titles to be recognized as “simulations”, this featory is not recommended, it is required…mandatory.
Easy to implement, so what is the deal.
Just sayin’…

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I have no experience with TrackIR … so can’t comment on what it would mean for Forza games. But to briefly respond to one of your comments, Forza games are not intended to be and have never claimed to be true racing ‘simulations’.

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Looks to be some sort of pointless peripheral for head tracking? Hardly mandatory for anything.

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Not pointless at all. Do you drive staring straight ahead? Probably not. Being able to look into the apex of a corner and read the road and traffic ahead gives much more immersion and improves any vehicle game where you sit in some kind of cockpit. If your used to driving, flying and space games utilizing it on the PC it’s really hard to go back to having no situational awareness.

Even if the devs just added mouse look with a couple of axis you can map to a controller people could use any head tracking device for simple head movement via third party software like Opentrack. That would be the simplest option if the devs don’t want to do much work.

Turning your head to look generally means you’re no longer looking at the screen, making tracking your head movement to move the camera pointless. If you have a multi-screen setup, when you turn your head to look you should be looking where you need to without turning the camera, making tracking your head movement to move the camera pointless. If VR is supported, it typically already handles this sort of thing, making this redundant.

As for mouse look being mapped to the controller - you can already use the right stick to look in that fashion by default.

You obviously haven’t used head tracking, Track IR and free opensource software like Opentrack allow you to set exponential spline graphs for head movement and deadzone. Most people set those up so 15 - 20 degrees of real head movement produces 90+ in the game. That way you can always look at the monitor without straining your neck or eyes to see the screen.


I say screw head tracking and go full steam ahead by implementing VR into Forza. Without a doubt the best way to play racing games. Things like Forzavista would also be amazing in VR.

You people don’t know what you are talking about. Track IR and Freetrack are systems that very popular with flight sims. They stand as a very cheap and accessible alternative to VR for those who can’t afford or don’t want VR. And you can calibrate things so pointing your nose at the edge of the monitor equates to in-game looking directly behind you. Google it before you folks run your mouth about things you know nothing about.

Forza would be much improved to support both technologies.

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+1 for TrackIR from me too, would be a very welcome solution in the absence of full VR.

Also lol at the “sounds like a gimmick” comments from people who have no idea what they’re talking about

and a -1 for me. Not needed. This series was never intended to be a full blown sim.

Forza needs to keep their focus on how the majority of their players want the game to be, not what a smaller group of players want. They risk loosing a major portion of their fan base if they stray too far from what they already have in the game

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You make it sound like people will be forced to use TrackIR if implemented. If you knew anything at all about TrackIR you would know the game for non users would remain the same and nothing would change. I fail to see where the risk as you put it would come from. Remember you only speak for yourself you don’t speak for the so called “major portion of the fan base” (whatever that means🙄)


Adding trackir support doesn’t make any game a “sim” it merely adds an option to have a peripheral take control of the right stick on the Xbox controller in forzas case. This along with a bunch of other options Motorsport still doesn’t have are a big part of the reason they have lost a decent portion of their player base already. Theres no reason to not add things like this.

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Totally in agree with the TrackIR support, I use it in many, many games (even the old GT Legends from 2005 supports it) and it’s really a game changer.

I’m a trackday enthusiast and I’ve done few real track driving trainings/courses and the first thing you learn is to look behind the apex and that’s just not possible in Forza Motorsport.

I can’t see the point that anyone would be against to include this in the game as it has to be just an option for a more “pure” experience, and pretty easy to implement.


FM4 on the XB360 with the Kinect used head tracking and it was not a success. Sure there were a few people that liked it but overall when it was removed in FM5 no one complained.

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Reading this thread is painful, even as someone without IR tracking I know how immersive and crucial it is to racing games.

Being able to look into your apex as you’re cornering as well as check physical mirrors with little to no effort. It isn’t about being a “sim” but the game immersing you. Now pair it with a steering wheel and you can look around with no additional controls.

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Kinect support with head tracking? No?

FM4 had it (IIRC) but the kinect was about as well received as a plate of raw pig intestines on a bed of moldy lettuce.

Head tracking whether through TrackIR, Track Hat, Kinect or otherwise, would be a great option. I just hope this, triple screen support and adjustable FOV are available options on the new Forza Motorsport. If you don’t want to use it, don’t. I know I will give head tracking a go, unless I have a triple screen setup as an option on PC. Then it’s kind of redundant.

i fully support your petition, mate.

In these days its a must that Forza titles should come with it.

Forza 4 had this with Kinect, it’s nothing big. What is big however is VR, and it truly transforms how you actually experience driving. I was originally hoping for VR in Forza 7, but maybe we can get it for Forza 8 now?

Myself and many others would love to have this and have been asking for it for you. But I’ll bet a toe off either foot that we will never see it and the reason is the Xbox does not support it. The majority of their players are on console so they’re not going to go out of their way to make support for VR when it will only be usable by a small group.

Their support for video options has regressed over the years. They don’t even properly support ultra widescreen on PC and don’t support it at all on console. I remember back when I had four Xbox 360s set up with four separate screens and four copies of Motorsport 4. It wasn’t cheap but it was awesome. And yes, the fourth monitor was a dedicated rearview mirror!

I’ve just added Forza Horizon to my wish list after all those beautifull play streams on youtube.

And I was 100% sure that such game (of course!) has support for headtracking. Looks like nowdays any solid flight/drive sim has this support. It was so obivous for me, that after I quickly googled and found this topic, I was very surprised. Seriously? Such game, such graphics, such simalation, such immersion, and “please look stright forward when you drive”? Have you ever tried to drive in reality?

There is a good rule for drivers “You Go Where You Look”, just google it. The difference in driving immersion and quality without headtracking and with headtracking is big. Without headtracking you constantly does blind turns, harder to get out of drifts, harder to get right position after the turn. You literally can’t naturally follow the road. With headtracking you can use your mind magic to drive. What I’m talking about is known by any driver in reality. If you look at the point where you want to be, your mind automatically calculate everything you should do to be there. And then very naturally you magically appear where you wanted. Exact angle on wheel, exact pressure on pedals, exact and clear result with almost no efforts. You only need to looks at the point and keep eye on it during the turn. But in forza you can’t do this. Disappointing and sad. Removed from wish list.