TrackIR or other head tracking support in PC version?

My Google attempts aren’t turning up anything, so I’m guessing the answer is either “no” or “totally unknown,” but I’m curious if there has been any mention anywhere of TrackIR (or other head tracking) support in the PC version.


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I am interested in TrackIR support on PC as well.

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These devs have no clue about what PC racing games are - they are so focused on the consoles that they overlook very basic requirements for a racing game on PC. Sadly they probably have never even heard of Track IR. Just like they think every racing wheel uses only one connection. They apparently do not realise most PC racers have separate wheels, pedals and gearbox so require at minimum the game to recognise inputs from at least 3 different devices. It is very discouraging and a good reflection of the feeling towards PC gamers is just look at the pricing - pc prices are higher.

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I was doing google searches for Forza TRACKIR support as well.

I have an older model Fanatek porche wheel, three monitors, TrackIR, but an older PC.
I was tempted to upgrade my PC if Forza supports some of these goodies.

I will buy at least two extra copies of this game for friends if TrackIR support is implemented.

I have track ir and want integration. make it happen.

check my post , I was able to set trackir for FH3 with 3rd party software , it works fine but there is one small problem with calibration…