Track splitlines / graphical issues

I’ve noticed that while racing, white lines will appear on the track, these range from being random edges within the 3D mesh, or just where 2 sections of a track split will meet. it really takes away from the experience because I can see it constantly. ive attached a photo highlighting the issue, it was a little hard to capture on my phone as it appears more while in cockpit view rather than what camera options the replay mode gives. but while racing these white lines can just be a flickering mess during the whole race. It’s like adaptive tessellation in relation to the players camera is causing the issue (something i use in unreal engine 4 projects)

track split

You had me at “tesselation”.

You should know better than to use multi syllable words with this group. Lol

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Dont say anything, but I’m pretty sure he just made that word up

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The white dots running across the track are actually evident on two tracks as far as I’ve oberved - the Rio tunnel and the long straight at RA before the downhill section that leads to the chicane.

It’s just a minor graphical anomaly and certainly doesn’t affect the experience as you’ve mentioned. Might I ask what TV you have? The resolution seems really poor in those screens. Is it due to your phone’s cam or being too close to the screen?

Again, I’d like to know what TV you have and how you have it set up for games. The latter is very important.

I have a 47" LG 660V and have ISF calibrated it, it cost me £1300 in 2013 so by no means is my TV bad. I just used my phone to take the photo as it was easier than ingame screen shot upload find it edit it etc.

Okay cool; do you have enhancements disabled? Is sharpness at zero? 1:1 pixel-mapping on?

I’ve tested this on both my TV and 2 PC monitors, its not my setup, like i said I’ve calibrated my TV for the best possible picture quality without using any “enhancements” to make the image artificial, They cause latency which is part of what i’ve made sure is at a minimum, I’ve even tried with 24 and 32 bit colour space in the xbox settings just to make sure. its hard to show in just a screenshot, but due to not having a camera mount i cant really record the game either, I did try the other day but the xbox app on my PC is leaking memory and using all my free ram (most was 30GB!!!) and causing everything to crash.

The same lines also appear on Bathurst during the s-section right before the final straight away. For compairison sake I went back to Forza 5 and played Bathurst as well as Road Atlanta and those lines aren’t there. I’m not sure why they appear on F6 but they’re really only a minor issue.

Yeah these are not so much of an issue, btu theres other times where theres just white lines and dots all over the place, in cockpit view they can be seen where parts of the mesh lineup on the door and roof pilars, its either they are lined up next to each other rather than intersecting so its showing through them as materials are not double sided, or something to do with the specular maps used in the game in line with what ever AA has been used causing shimmering of some sort.

Also when driving down the Superstretch at Daytona it almost looks as if there is a trail of sparks the length of the straight.

I agree that it’s not a huge deal, but Bathurst especially it sure does break the immersion to see little white streaks flickering across the road.

It ain’t nothing that gets in the way of gamplay or breaks immersion buddy. Sit further away from the screen. Is your sharpness at zero?