Track Editor in Forza? And Real vs Original Tracks

I’m not a programmer and so don’t know how hard incorporating a track editor into a game like Forza would be, but if it were possible I think it’d make a great new feature to the series. It’d be especially cool if it had a way of uploading and sharing creations. If you could actually create game quality tracks and share them then IMO (and if the game had a customizable multiplayer system like Forza 4) the game would never get old as there’d always be something new to do.
Think of this reminds me of something I’ve always wondered, why Turn 10 doesn’t make more original tracks. I guess because they want to be associated more with real life and simulating real races, but with all the tracks they’ve had to scrap between FM4 and FM5 making original tracks would be a way of upping the track count. That’s assuming making an original track is an appreciably less amount of work than going out and laser scanning and doing all the rest of what it takes to recreate a real world track, which may or may not be the case. I definitely prefer real life circuits, but more tracks is what I like even more.

Thinking back over all the T10 created tracks from the series I think they’re all better than new F1 tracks such as Yas. A game like Forza doesn’t really work on a modern track with miles of run off, no gravel and nothing to make contact with trackside. The low track count in 5 suggests it’s slower and more expensive to scan so I wouldn’t have a problem at all with some designed tracks. Some, like Maple were every bit as good to race on as replicated real tracks.

I guess an editor would be difficult unless they created a very large and complex track with many cross over points. You could then create your own circuit utilising whichever parts of the track you want in the same way we have short tracks currently.

The thing with the created tracks is they aren’t just plucked from air. They are inspired by real roads and scenery & then made into a tack. So while they are not real tracks they go to a place (like the alps) check stuff out take pictures. That way the made up tracks have a realism to them. Not only that they make really good tracks. Thats I miss all the tracks they have made & removed at some point from the first Forza to Forza 3.
I mean Alpine Ring, Blue Mountains Raceway, & Tokyo Circuit were really well laid out tracks that felt real in the first Forza.

I just want more real tracks.

I don’t want fantasy tracks and I don’t personally want a track editor.

I would be happy if we just got real tracks and if the track count was high enough (FM5 plus 50% in FM6 and another similar sized increase for FM7).


Precisely. Real tracks > fantasy tracks in my opinion. Even better if they’re motorsport icons like some we used to have (Suzuka, Hockenheim, Mugello etc.)

I’d be ok with 25-26 tracks. We have 17 now, 1 new fantasy track is kinda obvious (to showcase the game, like Prague, Alps and Camino). The other 7-8 could be a mix between new and old.


I wouldn’t think either reason would be any harder to enforce than with the livery editor we already have. In fact, I’d guess that, espescially with inappropriate material, anyone with the mindset of creating such would have a much easier time doing so on the livery editor. If Turn 10 just implemented the same type of controls they use for liveries I’d think they could protect the same from happening with a track editor.

Also, I agree with the poster above about fantasy tracks and how they can be even better, if done well, than many real world circuits, when it comes to existing within Forza’s gameplay. Fantasy tracks can be made to minimize any chance of things like corner cutting. Yas is a cool track, but I always hated when it would come up in multiplayer, because 9 times out of 10 you knew the best driver wasn’t going to win, unless he cheated as well. Yas is the worst as far as this, IMO, but the problem exists on many tracks. If the track is well thought out and well executed, plays well, is fun and does its best to ensure fairness, then that’s what matters to me. Far more than if it exists in the real world or not.

Facing a lawsuit for someones intellectual property appearing in your game is a big deal

You have no idea how hard it is just to police the storefront.



Yep real tracks and no need for a track editor. I have never been a fan of any of the made up tracks in Forza Motorsport. I’m a NASCAR fan, and have watched Indy, but last year was my first year watching formula 1. It was really cool recognizing the tracks and various corners that I’ve played using Forza and need for speed shift. It always gets me that they call FM a simulation, and then they throw in fantasy tracks, sticky grass, sticky curbs, walls that you can ride on. Grass should be so slick, that if you hold the throttle down you are more likely to spin out. Riding walls should damage your steering, alignment, and down force. Still love Forza Motorsport.

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Track builders aren’t easily implemented. Gran Turismo 5 sort of had one, but it just randomly weaved a road through a hilly field with us unable to pick anything specific about it and they weren’t really tracks so much as disconnected country roads. GT6 has been waiting on theirs since the game came out over a year ago.

Track editor and a sharing system if the cloud can support that . I know I’m a dreamer !

It seems to me that the only reason Turn 10 have taken a “no fantasy tracks” approach is to appeal to realism.

That was very foolish of them, as tracks like Fujimi Kaido, Camino Viejo, and Rally di Positano added a lot of variety. Modern F1-style tracks, for all of their prestige, tend to drive in a very similar manner to one another, and are all about 3.5-ish miles in length.

When you’re offering a car list as diverse as Forza’s, your tracks need to have a similar amount of variety.

Turn 10 better beef up the level count rather than adding a track editor.

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I would love a track editor, personally I would use it to create some technical tracks. It would save having to do this if they just brought Sidewinder Proving Grounds Layouts back



Tyranny of the minority is winning? I need to get a refund on my college education as they were all wrong.

OP, are you inquiring more about a track editor, or an event creator?

A custom track editor will not happen.

What might be cool and may be possible, is a course or auto cross editor. Imagine Top gear bowling or the Auto cross tracks with cones where you get to chose where to place the cones. This could work on any given track or within the large open spaces of the test track and air port maps and seems a much more reasonable use of time.

Personally, I don’t want a track creator. I would like to see an addition of real tracks as there are still plenty that are not in Forza or have been removed from past titles. There are also some fantasy tracks that I really enjoy and I would love to see their return. One of my favorites was the Camino Viejo Extreme circuit - though that was a combination of a real track and two fantasy tracks.

worm that could be mitigated. make sections which could be snapped together to make tracks. like leggos, train tracks, hotwheels, slot tracks,… every section would be turn ten ip. remember how many tracks were made in fm1 just from king cobra sections? and i dont remember gtr having problems or getting sued and you can download just about every track for it user made. sure alot suck, but there are gems that make it worth while. i remember dan talking about the paint editor, saying users had created content that better than turn ten not only had achieved, but better than turn ten even imagined could be achieved. painting is still in the game so there must be some value and its probably more geared to ip theft like nfl team logos etc… just make a few hundred track sections and let people snap them together in any order they want. you can bet someone is going to snap sections that dont really match like an incline to a flat to make jump, maybe loops. etc some stunt tracks. it wouldn’t really be my thing but it might be a fun diversion once in a while. cant be any worse than car soccer or garbage can mass murder. and every once in a while you’ll get a really good quality track either because someone really spent work planning it or or some noob just got lucky and the law of averages caught up.