Track creation for Motorsport

I believe track creator would be very fun. Designing your own track including turns, stretches, terrain, etc. You could also include in prebuilt sections of track that could be added together. Or even some of the most iconic corners from tons of different tracks.

I was thinking the same thing. I was thinking of the same sort of technology used in No Man’s Sky of procedurally generated content, but instead of automatically generated worlds it could generate tracks, and people could add/subtract various variables to alter the track characteristics, maybe even a tool to manually change parts of the track that were generated like how you would to change a curve on a vector shape to change the shape of the corners and straights.

Get DLC themes for the editor to change the way a track looks, like a Cyberpunk theme, or a Tron like city to race through.

I’ve been wanting to create my own tracks for years but so few games have a track builder and the ones that do are normally really outlandish/unrealistic. I’d like to make realistic race tracks grounded in plausibility. I appreciate that licensing might be a concern if we start replicating real tracks, so I can understand if there’s necessary restrictions, but I’d love at least something. One of my favorite aspects of Forza is the wealth of user-generated content and user-created tracks would be an awesome addition. This could add a tremendous amount of extra playability as we’d have basically infinite race tracks.

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Dirt 4 had that, not sure how it turned out.

The generating was done by an algorithm but you could just repeat until something you liked.

“In the background, our algorithms take the landscape and run a stage through it to those parameters. The generation is near instant and you get to see a map of the stage, so if you don’t like what you see, you can keep hitting generate until you get a stage you like the look of. You can also reverse it.”

Did they get a good outcome from this, I don’t know.

Did they keep it in Dirt 5?

Option to add tunnels would be a good thing

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I also had done a post about it
I also agree it is a great idea


I want this!!!

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