Hello guys,

I have very specific problem with too many saves and I need help.

Back in a day when I had too many saved tunes I deleted whole save from my xbox. I lost all credits and cars and tunes too. It always wanted to sync something but ignored this thing and I started playing from the beggining again which was fun. After cca one monht of playing it synced somehow and it loaded all my old tunes only.

Now when I want download new tunes it says i have too many saves and even if i am deleting old tunes one by one it doesnt allows me to download new tunes sayin i have too many saves.

Maybe it is better to delete only tunes and not whole save

sorry for my grammar

edit When i am deleting old tunes I have to buy back my old cars to have acces to these tunes so it is frustrating to rember which car it was. Is there folder with all of your tunes?

There shouldn’t be a limit for saved tunes. The only limit should be the amount of storage you have on your console or external hard drive. With the insane amount of cars in this game this limit is ridiculous. You can’t have 1 saved tuned for each car before you run into the limit.

Does anyone know what the limit is?

I’m unsure of the limit as I’ve been battling with it for at least 6 months. A little tip I found out though however is that if you delete a tune it doesn’t delete it from the car.

If you have certain cars that you never change the tune on just make sure it’s on the car and delete it.

Painting also has a limit on vinyl groups (I have to put things in packs now) and liveries also have a limit but I’ve yet to reach that as I only drive liveries I’ve created.

Cars are set to a maximum of 900. The painting and tuning section allows nowhere close to this figure.


Not fully confirmed by T10. But since FM6 and now on FM7, the amount of Tunes is 500, and also 500 designs. You can have 900 cars in the FM7 garage.

even if I am deleting old tunes one by one with buying again same cars it doesnt make space for downloading another tunes

Is there really no easy way to review tunes saved to make it easy to delete a few hundred?

No easy way I’m afraid. You have to go through changing cars 1 by 1.

still big troubles for me i cant download new tunes even If I am deleting all old tunes

This is really weird. Each of them that I exclude with the X button, I can download or save a new one. Are you excluding yourself properly? You can keep tuning in the car without taking up disk space.

re-install your game