Tokens and treasure map now available in Extra menu.

Forza Horizon 2 now has tokens, find them in Marketplace/Extras along with a treasure map.

It’s possible to disable them, but after being widely applauded for leaving out micro transactions at launch, I am a bit miffed they have added them.

Hate tokens personally, they are an insult to those who have put the time in to buy cars etc etc.


I’m no fan either but I’m really glad they put in an option to disable them, that’s really nice. Other people can have tokens all they want so long as I never have to look at them.


I guess it makes sense to add a way for late birds to get everything immediately for the right price. And the way they introduced it is very unobtrusive - there’s no pop-up prompting you to spend money to level up faster or get a car without the necessary Freedits, and the economy is still the way it was before (which is to say, cars are cheap and Freedits are plenty).

So, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if they want to make an extra buck with people that hare in a hurry to unlock everything or car fans who really can’t wait to get their hands on their favorite specific model of car.

Wow - let people have the option. They are trying to keep everyone happy.

I applaud this move. The tokens are there if people want them, they can be hidden if you don’t.

I am happy to have put the time in myself to get what I have in the game. It makes no difference to me how others play the game.

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The tokens themselves are fine. If someone wants to spend money to hurry things along, I have no issue with that.

What is evil is using tokens in conjunction with a price tier that makes it impossible to earn at a decent rate to purchase everything you want to purchase.

Doing Rivals +CR Bounty drivatars + VIP wheelspins + monthly rewards + club tiers has already allowed me to systematically purchase every car below 600,000 or so credits (next is the Enzo) and I previously bought many worth more than that (Veyron, One-77, F1 and others I can’t remember).

Right now I am saving either for a 250 GTO or Cobra Daytona (I’m very close to the Cobra, see if I get tempted or remain resolute and hold on for the 250).

No problems earning money in Horizon 2.


The map would have been nice a couple of days ago. I spent hours lurking through forests and behind those islanders homes looking for those billboards. But I found the last one about the time the map was posted. Sorry T10, I’m keeping my three bucks. At least untill something else comes along…Charles

I think introducing the tokens in an unobtrusive manner is important.

In the end, Turn 10 is a business out and needs to make money in order to successfully continue making such great games for us. There are players on both sides of the micro-transaction issue and this allows all parties to thrive in peace. IT also allows for the new crowd of Holiday shoppers to purchase the game, receive some extra money and use it to buy cars that others have already spent a year working towards.

Personally, I will not be using token unless I am given some for free for any reason and I am happy that I can hide the token option through a simple menu option.

Thank you Turn 10.

This is great news, I finally get a chance to buy a Ferrari 250 GTO without having to grind in endless hours.

Thank you Turn 10.

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^— I did a Neogaf Comparison between the Microtransaction prices of FM5 and H2. This included the Ferrari GTO’s prices:

So…good luck spending £77.

Seventy seven quid for an in-game car? OK, now that’s just silly. You sure about that math?

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Well that is assuming each Token is worth £0.00799, which it is if you just buy the £0.79 = 100 Tokens option continuously.

Actually, the cheapest you could get it is:

5,000 (+3,000 free) = £39.99
1,000 (+250 free) = £7.99
500 (+75 free) = £3.99

This would give you 9,825 for £51.97.

A saving of £25.055!!!

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i have a quick question, does anyone know if you get the discounts on the tuning parts will the tokens be discounted too or will it cost the same amount of tokens regardless

The tuning parts are discounted only after you have smashed all 25 Storm Island boards. If you do not have the DLC no discount on upgrade parts. Also, I’m sure you can buy upgrade parts with tokens but who would?

No matter how you look at it, those token prices are ridiculously high.

Why didn’t the system for Tokens in FM4 work for them? Where two or three at a dollar apiece bought you whatever car you wanted?

Maybe they were inspired by NFS World, where you have to spend £40 to get a McLaren F1. /sarcasm

Anywhos… I have no problem with the token system being brought back. I’ll never buy any myself, but it’s good to have the option there for those who do. I’m glad Turn 10 took this particular approach to the token system, for one specific reason. It’s rather annoying that FM4/FM5/Horizon 1 all require the purchase of tokens to get the maximum scores on the rewards system, but as tokens have been introduced after the game’s release, they are not part of Horizon 2’s reward score.

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Rub your fingers together like Johnny Football,you get your answer! For those of you that don’t know,its called the money sign.

9,750 tokens for the Ferrari 250 GTO? Are they completely insane? The whole game was cheaper, no thanks, no tokens for me, I will do without the GTO, they are so greedy that I get really pissed off, first their non-existent support, then this… I am sincerely disappointed in how they treat their customers :frowning:

It is actually a Barn Find Car, so you will get it eventually.

Thanks for the tip !

The Ferrari 250 GTO is not a barn find car. Don’t listen to him.

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