Tokens not working ?

I Just Bought about £10 of tokens on horizon 2 and not showing up? I have restarted horizon 2 turned off my xbox 1 then turned on still not showing any help?


I have the same problem could someone help me

Can i have my Token back ?
I never receive my bugatti… and i lost my token …
Seriously… im mad now… i pay $19 for the car… and i didnt get it…

So first of all I’m in love with the game, hands down my favorite game at the moment for the Xbox One.

Only complaint I have is that I bought $6 worth of tokens yesterday and still have yet to receive them. Do I have to do something special or go to the forza hub?

Same here…got 8000+ tokens bought the cobra, 1500 less and No car … now zero tokens…

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Same here bought some for storm island and they are gone now can only use credits

I have spoken to microsoft regarding a purchase of the 2700 Token pack, which hasn’t arrived in game, After some troubleshooting the Microsoft help desk did clarify that the tokens not showing up in game was indeed the games problem and not a live problem. He told me to post here with a ref number and someone would either respond here or via my email.

My ref number is [Mod edit - fyerball]

I couldn’t find a more appropriate forum, so if it needs to be moved please do so.

Did they get back to you. If so what was the result

Nope, no one connected to Forza has made any attempt to contact me either on here or email, very very poor! As the guy above me said they should disable the ability to buy anything until this is resolved. It makes me wonder if the ability to purchase tokens / addons wasn’t working how long it would take to fix.

UPDATE: I’ve spoken to Microsoft and just been given a refund, really simple and straightforward, unfortunately Forza won’t be seeing any money from me in the future.

Hello, i bought 2700 Token for 20$ in FH2, i spend 1650 Token for the Bugatti but the bugatti is not in my garage ? its a bug ?
Can u give me the cars or my token back please… seriously im mad now…
thank you :frowning:

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I am missing my tokens too. i even tried spending another $1 to buy some more to see if they would show then but nothing.

We are having the same problem. Bought tokens, none were added. Microsoft refunded, bought again. None added. Then, tokens appeared, not all, but the majority. Bought car you did, did not get it. Bought different car. Did not get. Unhappy

Okay it’s been 3 days and nothing, I’ve done everything I’ve seen on here to try and fix it and still nothing, at first around 400 disappeared and I thought maybe I was wrong and bought more, and still nothing, this is ridiculous being how there is so many complaints and there still hasn’t been a solution

I have receipts from PayPal why haven’t they worked…
Quick to take the money tho

Purchased 1600 tokens, charges hit my credit card but no tokens showing up. When is this going to be fixed?

How did you get a refund from MS? I’d rather a refund than wait for it to be fixed, there isn’t even estimated time for fix.

I love this game, in fact its the only game I play as my son uses it the most (Minecraft addict), this has left a really bad taste in my mouth egarding micro transactions, not sure I’d buy anything like this again, regardless of the game.

Yeah what the heck. Mine aren’t working either. I have a dash for my tokens.

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My son spent a $25 prepaid card on tokens a week ago and never received them. I have also noticed that the tokens I received on my account are now missing. Microsoft was nice enough to refund the $25 to my son after my conversation today but I’m curious if I will ever see my tokens again. I also see that the DLC cars are not free anymore…

I just spent tokens on a veyron yesterday (not realizing the tokens issue) will it be there when the problem is fixed??

Same! I purchased 2700 tokens and a 6 car pass, both aren’t showing up! I would like them or to get my money back

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