Tokens not working ?

18 hours past still no status update nor at least forza - turn 10 acknowledging the issue… at least forza should tell us that they’re aware of the situation and they’re working on it as a courtesy just good business to acknowledge to some disgruntled gamer who paid good money for something extra and not get it.

Same problem here as well

Same here I bought tokens and they are not showing up ! What’s going on ! If I don’t get my coins I better get a refund !!!

I too am having the same issue!! Just spent an hour hour on the phone with microsoft - sent me to forza for help- yeah some help- no more in game purchases for me- dont trust it - what a rip off- if anyone gets resolution let me know

I called Microsoft who sent me here to look at FAQ
FAQS? I get a link to buy forza 5
Just give me my tokens-
Spent and hour on phone with microsoft
they were no help - sent me here- seems like Im not the only one- fix it or refund- please

Well. This token problem seems to be an all round issue. lets hope it doesnt take long

We are still investigating the issue and working with XBL. We do not have a time frame yet when this might be resolved.

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Hello LV T10,

It has been 3 days and still my (our) token/ pass issue has not been resolved. I am trying to be patient but seeing all these messages from people its very difficult to do so.

May I make a suggestion? collaborate with Microsoft Xbox in temporarily disabling all add-ons to the Forza franchise until Turn10 resolve the issue it seems just fair and good business practice while looking for a solution and at the same time decreasing the number of token and pass issues as “Damage Control” - Compartmentalize and isolate to avoid cascading effect.

Please provide at least a detailed update with the actual issue to keep us user informed and alleviate some frustration/ disappointment to the current issue and possible time (if known) of repair.

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Thanks LV T10… I hope you get it resolved with just compensation for time loss for weekend gamers.

A friend of mine purchased Forza Horizon 2 Token($64) but it was not credited on his account. How can we get the token?

I have purchased numerous tokens but haven’t received them been talking to Microsoft for ages un installed my game reinstalled it hard reset yes donemail that but hey Ho no result then they say it’s the developer’s fault and to poSt a thread here first then come back later quoting my reference number if no good any have any suggestions I brought my xbox one 3 daY’s ago and I didn’t expect to have these problems for the price I paid

Can we get some info that properly acknowledges the issue? Along with an ETA, if no info forthcoming soon I’ll be requesting a refund from MS. I’m usually quite relaxed about things like this but only when I’m given info, feel like a mushroom ATM.

same here I tried to buy a car with my tokens and I cant because I have a dash at the tokens spot!

same issure here, bought the tokens, but none showed up., really upset right now

When purchasing tokens for Forza Horizon 2, xbox is taking my money from my account but not giving me the tokens. I spent £22+ on tokens adding up to 4000 yet I received none. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game and tried to purchase the £0.79 token it took the money and still did not give me the tokens. I’ve spoken to Support from Xbox and Microsoft, they refunded my money that was lost then directed me to here to get a diagnosis for the problem. Can anyone help as this is an issue to my gaming! Thanks very much, Harvey.


Contact Microsoft support and ask for a refund they know of the ongoing issue, others have received refunds without problem. I will be ringing them in the morning.

i bought one 9.99 pack and two 4.99 packs and one .99 and when i tried to use them it said that i had a balance of 0

Hello To All

I too have had the same problem.
Contacted MS about the issue, they got me to do a few things on my Xbox one but still didn’t show my tokens, they directed me to Playground games, and told me it was their issue. ( I stayed online with MS )
No way of contacting playground games, told MS and they said it was my Browser. lol.
While I was trying to get MS to refund me, I Came across this Forum. I copied and pasted the Link to this page for MS and said that this is a known issue to MS and that I wanted a refund.

Well 2 hours later chatting with MS, I finally got them to issue a full refund. They also said that their Engineers are working 24/7 to get the issue sorted. Hmmmm

Get a Refund, Shouldn’t have to wait for the tokens