Toggle convertibles in freeroam

It would be wonderful to have the ability to open/close a convertible top and windows while in Free Roam. Also, some of the convertibles (perhaps most) that always have their top down currently have their windows up, which is not how any convertible I’ve ever driven in real life works; rather, on those where the top opening is automated, the windows open while the top goes down.

No but I do drive mine with the windows up sometimes on my 335i e93 especially at speed as it helps with wind noise as at 140+ it becomes intolerable even with all the mods on my car making it ridiculously loud it’s hard to hear the car

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There are still loads of cars which should be convertible but aren’t. And i mean actual animations, not just a blackscreen and poof ive got a roof.

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I noticed in forza vista some cars can lower the roof, but when in free roam you can’t like the Honda S2k


Yeah “new” Agera too

Hello Forza developers, I have an idea for the next FH5 update. Today I have seen the Koenigsegg Agera without the roof, but only in forzavista and it would be nice to switch the roof in free roam, make it available only when you have the original wing or the bigger one from koenigsegg installed but unavailable for the bodykit with Thule roof. Please upvote so it can be added.

This is how it looks without roof


Everything Koenigsegg need this option

There are so many cars in the game that already have the option to open or remove the roof in forza vista but not in freeroam. I think that should be changed.

Also would like to see cars like the CGT , the MX5s ,the Z4s to be overhauled for this feature.

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Here some cars that allready use this feature in forzavista and the cgt which has the option to removevthe roof irl


all the koenigseggs in real life have removable roofs. I think that all the koenigseggs should at least have this option.


It would be cool if on the jeeps you can remove the roof. It would make it realistic.

I’ve been going on about this convertible thing since the game launched. To my knowledge, there are at least 4 cars (and maybe more by now) that have opening roofs in Forzavista, but not in freeroam. PGG/T10 even promised in one of their podcasts to fix the problem, but right at about the same time, they added the convertible fix to their “won’t fix” category in the “known issues” list. Every single person here who thinks this is a problem should file support tickets, even though the devs will likely ignore it like they ignore so many other problems.

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