Working convertible top? Heck yeah!

Yes, for those who didn’t pay much attention, looks like working convertible tops working in-game (and not just in Forzavista) is a thing now!

Just look at the gameplay demo: at 2:52, while we’re following the green Huracán, you can see a player called “astrorok” in a McLaren 720S Spyder in the middle of the street with the top cover closing while the Huracán approaches it.

Let’s hope this becomes the norm and convertible cars can have a controller button assigned to their convertible top operation!

Yep, I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw this, I always thought It was stupid not being able to operate the roof with the different seasons in FH4.

This was literally my biggest complaint with FH4…that we had convertible cars in game that could only have the top open in Forzavista, or not at all (like the 1970 Plymouth Hemi Cuda “Convertible”…what a joke). I had a thread about it in the FH4 section, and got some vague comment form the devs about “yeah, we like convertibles too, but…blah blah blah” and then they only fixed the problem on ONE car. Convertibles are meant to have the top open, or why be bothered to include them in the game at all? Anyways, I have been told that the ability to open and close convertible tops in game has been confirmed for FH5, so I am really looking forward to see how this really works. I also hope this means we’ll get even more convertibles in the car list this time.

So, since, convertible tops are confirmed in the game, as we saw on the McLaren in the trailer, I was wondering if the eggs will also have this feature.(except the One:1). Does anybody know?

How many Convertible Cars will the game have? can i turn the roof off for all like in real?

The Dart recently posted a video of the McLaren 720S Spider and did some driving with the top up and down while cycling through different views: Forza Horizon 5 - Convertible McLaren 720S SPIDER / XSX 4k - YouTube

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Not only that but the world looks way more realistic than FH4! Looks like they have the same jerky camera. Look at the traffic too, they are racing each other! The car shadows have a close distance setting… people will complain about that.

So…now that we finally have working convertibles in FH5, does anyone have any idea HOW to make them work, or what cars supposedly have working convertible tops? I spotted a “convertible hud” category in settings (can toggle on or off), but but so far, with the one car I have that I know has a working top, I don’t see a hud or any indication of what buttons to push.

You need to go into controller settings and set a button to do it, it isn’t assigned by default.

Ok, did that. Assigned left stick push down and saved it. I’ve now identified at least 5 cars that should have working convertible tops (based on the fact that they work in Forzavista), but I’m still not seeing a “convertible hud”, nor is my assigned key doing anything.

This is the list of cars that should have a working convertible top (so far)…

Ferrari Portofino
Honda S2000
Honda S2000 CR
'13 Mazda MX-5
McLaren 720S Spyder

There may be others but these have been confirmed either in Forzavista or seen on youtube. Has anyone tried this with the Mazda or Hondas?

NOTE: The Honda S2000 (both of them) do not actually animate the roof opening in FV, just shows it open or closed, so it might not work in freeroam.


Tell me is it a bug or what ?

I have bought the MX-5 2013 Mazda, it has a convertible hardtop and you can open and close it in Forzavista.

Driving on the street there is no way to open the roof ? I thought all convertibles would work ?

This doesn’t make sense…

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I have the same problem. I’ve assigned the raise/lower roof button but can’t get the roof down in gameplay.

I have send a ticket about it.

I just found out that there is a “known issue” with the convertible tops not working right now. Also might be another bug where assigning a key (button) for something like the convertible toggle switch might not save. A selection in settings implies that you should see a convertible “hud” on the screen if you have a car that has the feature, but not seeing that either, even though the hud is toggled to “on”.

There also just doesn’t seem to be many convertibles in the game yet. I’m hoping they will will be included in future car pass drops or as event rewards.

Also, with the new Mercedes AMG One you can cycle through the aero modes of the car by clicking down the left thumbstick, drop the car and make the spoilers/air vents pop up etc looks awesome

It looks like PG is aware of the problem, since it is now in their “known issues” list. This is what it says…“Cars - Convertible feature does not work in free roam for some cars such as the Honda S2000, Mazda mx5 2016, Mazda mx5 2013, and Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG”. Does anyone know it is works right now for the Ferrari Portofino or the McLaren 720s? I can’t afford either car right now, so I have no way to test it.

The 720S and Portofino work as intended, but I think they’re the only ones right now.

How does the convertible system work?
I thought convertibles in FH5 were going to have the option to close and whatnot. I have the 2015(13?) MX5 and the 2005 MX5 and I can not open or close the convertible tops? Is it only on select convertibles? I was actually excited to hear you could open and close the tops on vehicles.

There is a small selection. BMW Z4 doesn’t work either. None of the MX5s have a working top etc. etc.
Bit silly.

When we will get the option to take off the roof of the Koenigseggs?

All of them except the One:1 have this feature.