To aero or not to aero?

I think aero in general looks bad so I have typically tried to avoid it. But the more I play the more I am putting aero on almost every car. When testing out new cars and new tunes I almost always like the way they drive and handle much better when they have aero added. The other plus of it is you get a few more upgrade points to add at least something else to help make up the drag it creates. But I am in the aero camp and can almost always get around the track faster with it than without it.

Just wondering what others thoughts on aero are?

Some cars I don’t put on aero and refuse to do so based on looks. Sure, I could maybe eek that extra bit out but I just don’t want to put aero on it. You can change the rune a bit to compensate, especially if your rear aero is set to the far left.

I think the aero bit makes more of a difference depending on the type of car you’re in and the class you want to build it up to. For example, in D and C class there isn’t much reason to use aero. You’re not going fast enough, there isn’t enough power in the car perhaps, and it adds unwanted weight. There would have to a good PI advantage to add the weight of the aero - for example, you can add the aero, drop it to the minimum setting, and get one more race engine upgrade in there.

I also think it depends on the kind of race you will be doing.

(Side Note: Every time I typed aero it appeared correctly, but in one case chrome keeps underlining it in red and I don’t know why. They’re all spelled the same… anyroad…)

I was driving an A class Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale in a cross country rivals event. I was having trouble getting enough speed even with the aero all the way down so I decided to remove it. Without the aero upgrades, the tires wouldn’t stay on the ground which made changing direction next to impossible.

That’s the only situation I’ve come across where it was pretty much mandatory. Normally though, I’m like you - I add it to get a slight improvement in handling (most of the time) and to reduce my PI so I can get additional upgrades. I think most of the spoilers look pretty obnoxious so I try to ignore how ugly it makes the car.

I usually upgrade to the class max, then add Aero and increase the tyre width. For Rivals events I run Aero at max for a couple of runs to get to know the car and track and then back off the rear downforce to get more speed.

Most cars I will add one or both. Don’t like the skirts so much… weight vs speed isn’t worth it for me.

I DO slam them all the way to the left upon tuning, if I do add them. Some cars need them to handle better. Like PPi, I won’t add it if it makes the vehicle look stupid. IE the Cayenne.

Just put my S2 tune up for that, left the Aero off. Looked stupid.

Wagons and SUVs that don’t do the discreet little cocktail don’t get aero.

A lot of my tunes are without aero. I feel that a car tuned well enough can compete with a full aero tune. I like getting in to a lobby with people who have the full benefits of down force and using a non aero tune against them and being successful. I feel that it is not always necessary. I have been tuning in the Forza series since it started and have had a lot of success with my no aero tunes. I am not saying that I do not have tunes out there with full aero kits, but its just not the same to me. I also like a stock looking car while showing up in the lobby. No aero tunes really allow the suspension to do the majority of the work and it separates a lot tuners and what they offer. There are a lot of tuners out there and a lot of them will 100% disagree with my opinion on this.

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Good point. I will say I don’t ever build a car with Aero as a modded part in mind. I’d much rather rely on my tuning ahead of the Aero adjustments…even at that, by me making them all the way to Speed, it may be degrading the time I put into the suspension tuning.

I prefer to go without aero the majority of the time unless the aero looks particularly good or purposeful (e.g: drift team graphics on a tuner of some kind, circuit-racer replicas etc). In terms of performance, I totally understand why its used so often (added downforce and stability is a nice addition to a high performance build) but I tend to let my race suspension and sway bars take care of the road-holding on my vehicles. I’ve set Rivals lap times within the top 20 of the global leaderboards and none of my cars (besides the slightly godlike Veneno) have bothered with aero. My opinion: focus on the suspension settings, and then let the differential, tires, etc complete the package to create a dominant vehicle across any terrain. No need to ruin the beautiful lines of your car for downforce…

are is for breaking and keeping your car on the ground. I recommend it for any car in s2 and s1. you will hit such high speeds you will need an increase in breaking and you don’t want your tires slipping so imo aero is a must. if you don’t know how to tune them don’t touch them when you put them on.