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I just got a tuning app for my iPhone called ForzaTune and you just put some details about your car into it and it tells you the optimal alignment that you should use. I’ve used it for a couple cars so far and I only had to make a couple adjustments to fit my preferences. There’s also a gearing part in the app too that tells you the optimal gear settings you should use (with an adjustable slider so you can decide and fine tune if you want more speed or acceleration). It’s a pretty awsome app and it’s only $1 so I figured I’d share it with everyone. It’s really helpful to me because I work like 45 hours/week and don’t feel like using my time to tune all my cars.

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Yeah I’ve got the same app. There is another one called “Forzadroid”, that was fm3 based that works pretty well too.

Or you could save yourself a buck and summon us to help tune for you :slight_smile: Besides…$1 in chocolate I think is a better investment!

I don’t wanna be that guy who constantly asks people to tune for me. :stuck_out_tongue: I’ve been addicted to the paint though. I made an amazing design for my Supra a few days ago.

Most of us here are happy to help whenever you need buddy! The thing that people may not like is the sometimes difficult constraints. If someone asks “I want an S class Civic, FWD, no aero that handles really nice,” then it’s going to be hard to give it to them!

I always upgrade the tires a little, fully upgrade the suspension, brakes, transmission, etc for tuning, but as far as aero goes is it really worth it? Like if you have a stock car and you’re only upgrading it a class or two up would aero really be that worth it? I can understand if you’re taking like a C class to S or something like that but if just a class or two don’t you think good suspension tuning would be good enough?

It really depends I guess. Some cars need it, some cars can get away without it and some benefit from putting it on to lower the PI and reinvesting it elsewhere. Some street cars like the Lancia 037 or the Escort RS Cosworth can get more than the standard 100/200 so you can use that to your advantage sometimes. Often you can put it on and turn down the wicks so you don’t lose too much straight line speed. Although I do say once you start hitting S class, downforce is critical. I always like putting it on because of the PI advantage and thereafter I can play with the aero balance to suit.

Although it has to be said, a sizeable amount of the leaderboard (and the nearly LB ones) often do use aero, but it all depends on car and track.

Not really, Wings make huge difference in 95% of the time, just because they reduce Speed stat, and PI is overrating Speed stat a lot.
it reduces the PI, so you can add better tires, more weight reduction, or more power. While acceleration, and handling are usually the most important things, braking being the 3rd important. weight reduction hits to all of these, Wings improve braking and handling, and power helps the acceleration.

Unless you are looking the absolute top speed (old LeMans, or low class nordschleiffe car.)

Although, In racing situation it is harder to pass a car that is faster on the straights, Corner exit speed is crucial for the overall speed on the straight, so cars with more downforce obviously win that part, How ever if the straight is long enough car with more speed will outrun that small advantage.

Overall result, Car with wings will highly likely post faster laptimes, While the car without wings can still win the race, if there is long enough straight that it can pass/outrun the car with wings, and the driver is talented enough to be able to block the car with wings while cornering.
Example. Road Atlanta. If you can keep close enough to the car with aero trough the first half of the track. pass it on the straight, and avoid being overtaken trough the next lap, and escape again on the straight. the car without wings just might be more beneficial.

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I’d just be happy to help if I just could.
I have been on a sick leave for over a year now, and I have a problem of too much free time. Right now I have nothing to do about 14 hours a day, and I would be just happy if someone would as me to tune for them.
That is if you ask at least somewhat reasonable cars. Motorhead just referred to something that is impossible.

Hey Juggernaut, I have a task for you if you would sir. I do pretty well at tuning but I cant seem to get the silvia s14 or 15 to run well for me either to fast and no handling or handles great with no speed I need them for B class to run in lobby I will send FR and if you would send over that would be great. Thanks FAA MAD JAMMER

I have just cleared a spot for you in my friend list, and I should have handling biased S14 ready in B class (Maple valley is probably the strongest track) it’s quite fast build, so I think I readjust it a bit more, and I’ll send it for you.

Would it be possible for me to get a copy of that tune aswell please? I’ll grab it off the SF if you don’t mind loading it up?
I’m an online B class addict and I’ll gladly sample any tunes on offer!
I use a wheel with with sim steering and no assists. I like to really drive on the throttle, so cars with over exaggerated turn in and lots of front grip suit me. I hope that info helps.
Thank you in advance btw.

It was actually S13 which I had built, S14 seems to elude me, I cant really get it going on anywhere, Too heavy for one place too unstable for other, and not enough power on third. S15 seems to be quite decent, I have just started to build it.

I’ve just uploaded the S13. it’s pretty much all grip, but it has quite decent speed on it too. I’ll upload the S15 when and if I get it decent.

S15 just went up, It’s for longer tracks, Tuned on Mugello Full and I managed to go 2.08.222 in there. Not actually LB time, but then again it’s not LB car, and I bet there is one second lurking in there somewhere.

Anyway, I would appriciate feedback for either of or both cars when you have had time to test those.

Hi i am new here, i hope someone can help, im looking for a set up for the nissan gtr 1971 for drag i tried doing the mile but cant seem to get under 24 seconds any help would be greatly appreciated


What’s good fellows noob here having issues with getting my vettes to hook of the line for r3 class any help would be greatly appreciated

I got that app for free on my kindle :stuck_out_tongue:

I have the app for the windows phone but I am now using the Microsoft wheel and pedals with paddle shifters and need some tunes for it. Mostly cause the brake pressures in other tunes are to high for my pedals sensitive. Thanks for any help

( Mostly cause the brake pressures in other tunes are to high for my pedals sensitive )
A11eyes, have you tried adjusting the deadzones to change the sensitivity ?

Yea 0 and 100