Tune My Ride ! (Taking tune request) Now on FM6

Hi everyone,

Like the title say, I take tune request.
Just tell me the car, the class, and if you have a prefered track.
Then I’ll tune it and change it as you like.

It’s important to give me feedback if you want me to fit your style.
I don’t do drag/oval/Drift, circuit only.

If you’re looking for drag tunes:


I would like for you to tune my Charger (or your choice of car) for C500 Indianapolis Oval You tell me the car i would like an old school car but i can buy whatever car you think is best. I will give it a shot. No DLC please.

There is a “old school” Charger not DLC ?

My bad… Challenger… But like i said. If you know of a car that does best on the Oval i can do that as well. Thanks in advance… Sorry for confusion…

Its done. Just go to your inbox, I’ll mail you the info.

Can u tune my Shelby gt500 it’s r class I like the track test track drag

its 4wd ?

Could you do an A class RWD CTS-V with a more universal tune for a few tracks instead of just one.

Done, See your PM

Thank you a million

How about a 2008 dodge viper for S Class,

Currently Rank 1 on the first 2 alp tracks, Would like to see if there’s more time,

Thank you.

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So you’re asking me to tune a car to beat the top time ?

See what you can do, Would be a good test of your skills :slight_smile:

PM for you.

Can you tune an IPL g37 for me? Id like to run it in B class, but it doesn’t seem very competitive. Thanks a lot!

Having trouble getting a competitive tune for the DLC Toyota MR2 SC 1989 D class. All my tunes are just too slow even my fast tune. The mini’s just blitz me. Would love to see what you come up with.

I dont do DLC, sorry.

Could you do a zonda in R class, i want to use it on most tracks apart from alps and le mans. thanks.

I’ll look to do it as soon as possible.