Tune My Ride ! (Taking tune request) Now on FM6

Any zonda ?

It’s the Zonda cirque Roadster i’m looking for please.

looking for a nice general tune for an “A” class ferrari F40 if you can help mate

I need the fastest tune for a El Camino B Class on 1 mile test track for drag…

If you’re not too busy, I’d love an all-around tune for a b-class BMW 1M :slight_smile:

I would like a tune for the mazdaspeed 3 staying in class C. My favorite track is Road Atlanta.

Hey i was wondering if you could tune my Supra Rz for a 1 mile drag. Thanks!


Those tune will need to wait, since I’m currently under 100k.
Seem building cars take more cash that its actually rewarding :wink:

Send me a PM if you’re still looking for those tunes.

When they open the market place I’ll be looking to buy tunes, hopefully

Hey i was wondering if you could tune my Supra Rz for a 1 mile drag. Thanks!

Getting so much request that I have to keep a notebook now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi could you tune the formula 1 for prague ? many thanks

Looking for a tune for the 20011 Ferrari 599 GTO. I need something for the more tracks that are turned dominant… easier braking and control and quicker pickup off corners. while not sacrificing top speed too much on straight away.

S-class ?

yes S class sorry

How about tweaking something that someone else already started?

How about a 90 Iroc-Z Camaro for B class?

I tried it myself, but it’s got issues that I can’t seem to resolve. Looking for an all around car with the best balance of grip and acceleration.


Please work on an s class enzo. One with nice grip, but without losing too much speed. Sexy wheels plz and thank you sir :slight_smile:

I’m ranked in the 1000’s on stadplatz, just bought the e 21 & would love a tune to improve my ranking.

How about the 2013 Audi R8, I don’t care as much about speed as cornering ability and acceleration off the corner S800, Either Road Atlanta full or Indy GP. Thanks in advance