Thrustmaster TX on ONE X Setup .....and strange problem with wheel rotation setup

From 4 days!!! I am trying setup my TX in game and it still unplayable.I tried so many configurations but cars are still “go crazy” on corners

I was starting configure from 2 “diffrent” videos :

and later “calibrate” for me but I still can’t find good configuration

Can You send my yours configuration?

I have also starange problem :Once when I launch FM7 i can setup WHEEL ROTATION on:320,350,380…710,740…degrees but not on 360…or 720…why?

Make sure the wheel is up to date firmware wise, then try this:

Drivers were updated maybe week ago.On this settings is little bit better

HMMM…one answer after week…and SimGame unplayable on RacingWheel…

Never XBOX more!!!

hmm I have more options …

Hi BittererOhio91,

I’m using the Logitech G923 instead of the Thrustmaster, but like you had to fiddle and tweak with the settings to make the cars contollable. I’ve found that so far the below settings work best for me:

All deadzone insides are set to 0 except decelaration, that’s set to 5.
Steering and acceleration and decelaration deadzones outside are set to 80.
Clutch deadzone outside is set to 70.

Vibration scale = 40
Force Feedback Scale = 100
Aligning Torque = 150
Mechanical Trail = 100
Pneumatic Trail = 120
Road Feel Scale = 80
Load Sensitivity = 100
Wheel Damper Scale = 100
Center Spring Scale = 20
Dynamic Damper Behavior = 50
Wheel Rotation Angle = 460
Steering Linearity = 45

I hope these settings will work for you as well, or at the very least give you a solid starting point to tweak to your personal preferance.

Yeah…little bit better

It is very irritating.I made FM6 and FM7 on 50% on gamepad one year ago and waiting for rest when I will buy wheel…and now “feeling” with racing weel are AWFUL…

16 millions players!!!…And no one fully help me
Yeah,I understand that “polish setting verison” is other than rest but…
Congratulations Forza Community!!!

I have a TX servo with the Sparco R383 and T3PA pedals. All of the built-in layouts reverse my gas and clutch. I wonder if I’d have your steering issues if my pedals worked.

I have the same pedal problem in WRC 9, but you can button bind manually so I can switch the pedals around.

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