Simple Ask: TMX Wheel Settings

I’m struggling to find some modern “generic for all vehicles” setupps for my TMX (non-pro). Been playing Forza since the first one, usually with wheels, but always as a casual player. My main issue is the frustration of being able to deal with the lower class cars ok, and then being able to take a Masarati MC12 or Lotus race car onto the tracks and hold my own at speed with Expert or Above Average drivetars, where the cars do what I expect them to do (stick), but then trying the same with a Nissan Z370 or Jaguar F-Type? I spin at every corner using the same “back off the throttle, brake early”…throttle off oversteer just kills me in this game.

I tried using search but came up semi-empty, so at this point the question is: Can someone help with my TMX settings? I’m on a PC currently.

many thanks.

i need this as well

Pulled this from youTube:
Vibration Scale at 0 (I’m playing with this, I don’t think I’ll leave it at 0 long-term)
Force Feedback Scale at 50 (this will be I think personal preference, I can see myself increasing this)
Aligning at 140
Mechanical at 165
Pneumatic at 175
Road Feel at 100
Damper Scale at 50 (YouTuber is using G29, this may be set incorrectly for my thrustmaster wheel, haven’t played with it much yet)
Center Force at 0 (might play with this as well, I think this is what makes the steering so easy, I notice I’m getting the ability to recover spins that I couldn’t earlier)
Dynamic Damper at 100

I’m on PC, not sure how these settings change on Xbox. Figured I’d throw them up since I see I’m not the only one hunting for these settings.

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i know i am a bit late :slight_smile:

my settings r inspired by the 60+ pages thread about ffb - think it was epicevan777

Vibration 87 - 85-100 makes you feel locking up tires
FFB 100
Alining torque 180
Mechanical trail 95
pneumatic trail 52
road feel 55
load sensitivy 75
wheel damper 15
center spring 19
dynamic damper 100
steering sensitivy 90
steering linearity 50

in the tmx driver settings:
overall strengh all forces 85%
all other 100%
auto center : by game
Steering angel 540 (as compromise to fit with other games too)

for me this feels natural in most cases.

The overall feeling changes also with the tune of the car (for example increasing the rear ride hight is increasing the turnback force) you can compensate this by using the “wheel tuning” for each car individual.

What also helps a lot is to set the steering to normal (and not simulation) in the assists screen.

Your mentiond spins sound a bit like car setup issue - off throttle oversteer for example happens if the tire pressure rear is to low or the front springs r to soft or the differential deceleration is to low …
if you dont want to dive deep into tuning mayby try to download some tunes for the car with grip in ther name…

Hello, I am using a Thurstmaster TMX (Pro) on an Xbox One. Here are my settings:

For the wheel rotation angle I keep the game’s settings at 720 and use the wheel’s mode settings (“mode” + right shifter) to change to a lower wheel rotation angle for open-wheel cars. A quick note: for open-wheel cars, it is recommended to use manual shifting, otherwise it’s nearly impossible to start a race in a straight line in a Lotus Type 49.

Thank you all for taking the time to educate me in this and other threads on the forum, most appreciated. Fejer, I gotta stick with Normal steering…Simulation is just too unforgiving on the way out of corners as I see you’ve attested to in other threads here…my throttle control isn’t God-Like enough for Sim steering :wink:

Thanks again all.

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Thanks for the feedback. That’s why I turned traction control on on my side, because otherwise cars with higher performance usually break out of control and start spinning when exiting corners.

I’ve been playing with the controller recently since it’s too much effort for me to set my wheel stand with my racing wheel up in front of my TV (plus had some back pain in the past few weeks and should avoid lifting up heavy objects), but once I have time I would like to test the settings suggested by the others to see how well they work and feel.

In the end you might find your own configuration of settings where you feel it’s perfect for you.

I took the time today to test the setups from HeadRush1 and Cugan67. I prefer HeadRush1’s configuration values more and adjusted my settings a bit. Cugan67’s setup felt somewhat laggy and I didn’t quite like the road feel.

Here are my settings now. I tested this with the 2008 BMW Z4 M Coupe with TCS off on Suzuka. The car is a light rear wheel drive car with the engine in front making the car difficult to control since it breaks out easily and slides when you’re to strong on acceleration out of corners.

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