I need help with Thrustmaster TMX settings, please!

Hello fellow racers :slight_smile:

I recently grabbed FM7 but the settings for my TMX feel a little off and I can’t figure out exactly what it is.

I have used my TMX for project cars and it felt alright with stock settings, but it’s a different story on FM7.

Could you please share you TMX settings with me?

PS: TMX is not the same wheel as TX.

Thank you for your help!

For the tmx, definitely put the center spring scale at 200, this will make catching oversteer much easier.

I’ve been messing with ffb all day, ended up with this setup, it varies a bit by car but it’s been good for most rear wheel drive cars so far

100 Force feedback
100 Aligning torque scale
100 mechanical trail scale
200 pneumatic trail scale
97 load sensitivity
0 wheel damper
200 center spring
100 dynamic damper
900 wheel rotation angle

Also there is a 42 page thread on ffb you can look through. Ffb is a lot of personal preference but that should get you started

I have the Thrustmaster TMX wheel with the 3 pedals.

I’ve had my most problem with the Braking. I now have a foam pad behind the brake pedal which allows me to limit the brake pressure to around 98% without locking up.
I set my in game brake pressure to 120 lbs with ABS brake setting. “OFF”.

80 Force Feedback.

I’m going to test your settings and see what happens.
since I’m an old guy, I don’t worry too much about being a fast racer.

I have the TMX too and my sense is that it is definitely different from the TX. I regularly found the wheel ripping it self out of my hands at first using the settings others posted, taking incredible strength to fight it. And I’m relatively strong. Not only that, the wheel would make a kind of popping/clicking all the time. So I’ve lowered my settings significantly so the FFB gives me an Idea of whats going on, but doesn’t take control of the wheel. Road feel had to go, because I found in the TMX it would take the signal and totally redirect the wheel like you hit a wall. Even with really low settings it would try to redirect wheel hard.

My settings
Vibration 50
Force Feedback 70
Aligning Torque 70
Mechanical Trail 70
Pneumatic Trail 120
Road Feel 0
Load Sensitivity 0
Wheel Damper 26
Center Spring Scale 0 (doesn’t do anything for me on the Xbox and haven’t been able to fix it)
Dynamic Damper 70
Wheel Rotation 900 (use per car setting to lower to preference)
Steering Linearity 48

From my experience center spring scale only works when you’re sliding otherwise it’s not noticeable

Also I could be wrong, ffb tuning is a bit maddening, make a change not sure if it’s better or just a placebo

Edit: tested again 0 center spring vs 200, there is a noticeable difference but again only when you’re sliding. Not sure if that’s how its intended to work or no but definitely much faster reacting to catching oversteer

I am using the TMX pro (3 Pedal) on the PC
My actual settings are:

in the TMX Drivers: (Systemcontrol)
overall strenght 85%
Rest at 100%

Vibration scale: 87 - you can feel the tires start locking up
Forcefeedback Scale: 100 - is later reduced per car in the Wheel settings
Alining Torque Scale: 180
Mechanical Trail Scale: 95
Pneumatic Trail Scale: 52
Road Feel Scale: 55 but its a matter of taste
Load Sensitivity 75
Wheel damper scale: 15
Center spring Scale 19 - i keep it from the time as it was working like a center spring
Dynamic Damper 100
Steering sensitivity 90
Steering Linearity 50

IMPORTANT: Reduce for fast Cars (PI 775+) the Forcefeedback Scale to 50-55% and the Steering lock Range to 75% in the Wheel Settings and fit it for slower cars to your needs.
So have a good feel for the car and your able to move the Wheel fast enough to catch 95% of oversteering, with a little practise you can be way more agressive on the Throttle at corner exits and take a lot of speed to the straights.
The Base of my settings r originally from EpicEvan777 (from the mentioned 42page thread) who puted a lot of work in. I did just some modifications to fit my personal taste.