Thrustmaster TX Handling Issue


New to sim racing with a wheel, loving the Thrustmaster TX and TH8A Shifter in FH2, but not FM5. The reason for this is because I feel like I’m driving on ice in FM5. I’m using the same settings in both FH2 and FM5. But yet they play completely different and I can’t figure out why. Cars feel realistic and great in FH2, shouldn’t it be the same with FM5? I’ve messed with the settings in FM5 and checked everything over and over but still have no control. I even used my AWD EvoX with slicks, it’s damn near impossible to lose control with a controller, yet if I use the TX I will spin out doing 20mph in first with my foot only pushing 25% down on the pedal. I’m not over exaggerating. I don’t have this issue in FH2, the Evo X handles awesome with the same upgrades. Anyone have any ideas?

Settings for both FM5 and FH2:

Everything else OFF
Steering: SIM

Accel: 0/99
Decel: 0/99
Steering: 0/100
Vib: 70%
FFB: 70%
DOR: 900


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So ok i raced alot on 4 with a wheel and was fairly good.
After recently getting my third tx wheel which finally worked i was shocked at how different the cars handled on 5.
I was finding the cars extremely skittish with just a slight turn on the wheel.
Assuming you have the latest firmware these are my settings:
ABS: off
TCS: on
DOR: 270°
FFB: 65
ACC/DEC 0-100
I do not use sim steering and i think it is important to change the DOR on the wheel and not use the slider.
Using this my cars are much better in a straight line and my hotlaps are closer to the top than i was in 4.
You may want to try DOR at 360° but the sensitivity is the issue here because there is no feedback in the centre of the wheel.
Have a play and tell us how it goes.

I’ve been using the full 900° of rotation and it feels much better than when I was using less. Vibration at 100% (it’s weak as anything and you need it to feel when you are on the edge of front traction), and FFB% at 45%.

What does the “sensitivity” setting do? Thrustmaster give a guide on how to change it here:

But I’m still not clear on what it actually changes.

The sensitivity changes the slight turn left or right from the centre of the wheel.

With lower sensitivity more turn = less turn at the same point until you hit your outside angle.

Try the wheel on 270 with normal sensitivity and then with lowest sensitivity, you should feel the difference.

I find this way the cars control a little easier because unlike my PWTS from Forza 4 there is no central dead zone feel on the TX wheel, it is really sloppy in the neutral position.

This of course is my take on this others could be different.

you can add dead zone in the controller option for FM 5…

Thank for the PDF and suggestions. I didn’t know about the sensitivity settings. I’ll mess with it when I get time, guess I’ll suck it up and turn TCS on too. Still find it odd how FM5 and FH2 control so different though.

Ok I’m confused. The manual settings on the wheel and the advanced controller settings in the game aren’t the same thing? I thought that whatever you set it at in the advanced controller settings over rode whatever light the wheel itself was set at. So for instance if you had the advanced controller setting in game set at 900 but had the light on the wheel at 270, which one are you actually using?

After quite some testing:

  1. Stick with 4 pre defined DOR (270, 360, 540, 900)

  2. Only change DOR using in game slider (to match 1 of 4 from above)

This gives me better handling and better FFB.

And makes in game wheel match Thrustmaster wheels rotation, but I never use this view (can’t stand 2 wheels rotating).

Update: I finally got the settings where I have better control and not driving on ice. I recommend trying this if you’re having issues…

Everything else OFF
Steering: SIM

Accel: 0/99
Decel: 0/99
Steering: 0/100
Vib: 85%
FFB: 75%
DOR: 360
SEN: 3

That sensitivity setting makes all the difference, glad you told me about that! I never knew. Also, does anyone know what the yellow button on the TX is for? It’s next to the Xbox button.

So sensitivity acts independently of DOR?


I had the same issues in the beginning got my wheel two weeks ago. Practiced on Forza 5 for about a week with 900 Sensitivity 1 racing and drifting felt pretty good. Higher class cars felt a little better with lower degrees more like 330 - 540 with sensitivity 2. My Vibration 100 and FFB 80 always. On the other hand horizon 2 felt horrible. I’ve been using 540 and can handle a lot better but thinking about lowering it a little more because drifting is still so hard. Cars on horizon 2 I feel are way more grippy if thats a word. so their is less time for correction especially on 900 degrees I don’t know how people can do it for instance Slap Train makes it look so easy.

Thank goodness someone else feels the same way I do….LOL!!! To be honest Forza 5 had pretty much broken my spirit to play because I could NOT seem to find desired feeling with my Thrustmaster setup. I have the Thrustmaster TX Ferrari 458 Italia Edition (Firmware v47), T3PA Add-on Pedals & TH8A Add-on Shifter. You are so very right about feeling in Forza Horizon 2, I didn’t change any wheel settings and my driving experience was wonderful and truly felt spot on!!! For the first time playing on an Xbox One with a steering wheel I could genuinely feel the understeer/oversteer of the car and be able to make corrections in time. I got so much wheel confidence back that I fired up Forza 5 again and took another crack but much to my disappointment I still had numb feeling that just leaves me frustrated! You’re driving along trying to be competitive and boom your car turns into a hockey puck with no reference as to why you are sliding along and crashing…lol If I play Forza 5 with the gamepad, I DON’T ever get the hockey puck syndrome, it feels perfect. However I just have no desire to play driving games with a gamepad, plus once you make the investment in a wheel, you really want to use it!

Can’t wait to try out the sensitivity settings on the PDF this weekend and see if that makes a difference for me, thanks everyone for posting!!!

Although the sensitivity adjustment helps it also takes away a lot of Central FFB. I’m finding that if you add more for me it is too powerful when you get to the outside of your DOR

Microsoft need to work closer with thrustmaster on this officially licensed product. Because before this sensitivity adjustment option this wheel was complete rubbish on forza 5. It is true horizon feels better than 5 but I am still a track man.

Oh well roll on P CARS and Forza 6.

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I gave this a try last night with some slight variations. ABS OFF, TCS ON, FFB 50 where I’ve had it for a pretty good while now, DOR 540. It felt pretty good. I lowered my A class Bathurst time 1.5 seconds ironically in a race where the vibration wasn’t working. It was set but for some reason it didn’t work for that race. Lowered some other times as well. I think I’ve been running with the sensitivity set at 4 ever since I’ve had this wheel because when I always check the DOR on advanced controller settings it’s at 900. That just creates too much slack at top dead center as I call it. I knew there had to be a way to dial some that out.

Are you talking about how stiff the wheel feels on it’s outer edges kind of like whatever FFB you have set it feels like suddenly it’s doubled it? I notice it a lot more on tracks with long turns like the front stretch at Long Beach or Blanchimont at Spa. The wheel is pushing back so hard and I’m trying to hold that turn when I fall over the edge and hit the wheel’s no man’s land as I call it, try to correct it then the wheel pushes back the other direction and I’ve got myself a spin out. Or the wheel will push, then let off, push, then let off, creating a wobble when going through those turns. Very frustrating.

The problem there is with sensitivity you get the lower feedback in the centre, put the FFB up to compensate and you still get low feedback on the centre but the outside is very strong.
This is a good wheel and I got a good deal cos I paid £220 instead of the £350 retail. Even though my first 2 did not work I stuck with it. Bought the shifter which is good quality now just waiting for the pedals to come in stock.

Also my hot lap times are closer to the top of the leaderboards than with my fanatec on forza 4, so not sure if it’s because of physics or the wheel or because there is not as many people on the boards. Who knows?

I was running FFB at 50 but sensitivity set at 4. Using another setup posted in the forum that suggested sensitivity at 3 it seems better now.

I bought the shifter also but I haven’t used it since the first night I had it. I knew I might not could use it when I bought it but wanted to have it just in case I could. If I had a cockpit style setup and could have the shifter down at my side I think it would be a whole lot easier. But I have a stand with a center post and I have to try and crook my right leg around the post to hit the brake pedal. That combined with having to reach up and ahead of me to shift gears makes it very awkward. The T3PA pedals are very good but I’m thinking I might get a wider brake pedal pad instead of the narrow stock one.

My lap times are also closer to the top than with the fanatec and forza 4 but top 1% is good enough for me. I’m not shooting for top 100’s or anything like that since I might not ever go with manual clutch and shifter.

I do use the auto clutch feature on the wheel and I only use my shifter in sequential mode due to not being able to use the H pattern, you can use the auto clutch with the paddles aswell and it will definitely improve your times over manual - at least for me it does in s class cars.

Auto clutch with the paddles is what I’m currently using.

I’ve the same problem with Forza 5. I’ve very bad controls over the car.Horizon 2 is so much better with the TX, but Forza 5 sucks. I have the latest firmware installed, but no sensitivity settings in Forza. Cars many times get out of control after curves and the cars tend to steer against my will. Some cars in Horizon 2 also sucks with the wheel and needed another tuning, but Forza 5 is like unplayable.

Edit: with Sensitivity on low, TCS on and some other settings changes it is much better in Forza 5 now.