Thoughts on Quattro All Stock Trial Challenge

So, 100% Stock - no upgrades at all - Trial race . . .

Personally, I loathed it.
My upgrade was to go to 40 psi front tires, and 50 psi in the back tires.
That made my launch slightly faster than pure stock, and seemed like a tiny bit more grip in the dirt.

This Trial was predetermined for the most part on where you started on the grid.
I started in the back every time - just my luck, and was able to make very little progress to get a decent placement - Best I could achieve was a 4th place.
I’m not a great driver, but I’m not bad either.
I know how to flick in dirt or street to turn the car for a better cut, and all the other usual driver tricks.
I could “sloooowly” drive up through the field, but I simply ran out of time to catch up to the front pack.
One tap on any car you are trying to overtake - and you will spend half the race trying to catch back up to them again.

I thought I would enjoy this Trial, but - nope.
Maybe if it was A Class - that would have helped.

Your Thoughts?

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After having a rough time in my first attempt with the rental (I quit in the third lap as I was only ahead of one AI when I barely missed a checkpoint), I grabbed my own car, removed all the upgrades, and went the other direction with the tire pressure and dropped the PSI by merely 1 each. Either that change or the fact that I used my own car with its clearly much faster custom livery made all the difference in my 2nd attempt. I ended up behind 1 AI in the first race, and 2 of them in the 2nd (though it may have been 3 after the teleporting car hijinks at the finish - not sure if an AI or a teammate’s flickering car is the one that arbitrarily counted as ahead of me).

I just dropped in and went. I’ve been loving these All Stock races. They really separate out the good drivers from the bad ones.


You basically described my thoughts on all the Trials. Front cars seem to be capable of blasting off like rockets never to been seen again by the numbers let’s say 9 to 12 on the grid. Especially when those are decent but not great drivers. As a team challenge I found this one real easy. I used a untuned car didn’t change athing and each time manage sort of the same results you describe, unless I mess up. Did six or seven Trials now.

Alright but I think I’ll be glad if it’s back to conventional Trials next series.

Maybe with more interesting/faster cars that we had to use stock it could have been better, the Trial with the quickest car of the 4 the M2 was made trivial by the exploit + the others were all with docile + fairly slow cars where the only time you could/should lose control of them was down to teammates or AI stupidity.

My team were blocking me with their cars turned sideways. Anyway we still won, but it seemed like they were trying for us not to win. We lost the first race, won the next two. I came 2nd, 2nd, 1st. I was the only person to score points in the first race 500,0,0,0,0,0. 2nd race 4 of us left, Ai scored 0 points. 3rd race quite easy.

Anyway won Trial 1st try as usual.

By the way this car Wing is the only time I can remember where the Wing increases PI??? So if you even try to upgrade your car you can’t get the PI down.

It’s a thing on some cars that have a stock wing or something that runs under the same category (programming wise).
If you install the wing on the Quattro and reduce its downforce to minimum you’ll see the top speed increasing. Meaning the Forza wing produces less downforce than the stock one - hence the PI increase.
The only problem here it still provides better lateral g than the stock one.
It’s weird and probably no coincidence that all cars that have this “feature” are very good ones (GTR 32,33,34; old Imprezas, Evos, E30 M3).
The car with the biggest top speed gain is the Mugen CRX. Installing the rear wing and setting it to minimum increases top speed by more than power upgrades for the same PI cost would do.

Will be interesting to see if they’ve fixed the drivatars from being in stock cars for next month. If they haven’t, then the lack of challenge will be even worse.

i guess i lucked out and got a good team of randoms. i was able to get it done in two and out. in fact, although i thought these stock trials were going to be a pain, they all turned out pretty easy to complete. each week i didn’t have to fight with the AI and in each weekly event i got good teammates. maybe because i completed the trials on the Thursday they released (i read somewhere that the more experienced drivers tend to get the trials done asap). i also think the AI was nerfed for these events. pro tip: turn off all driver assists except ABS. it will make your stock car slightly faster.

Up to now I won every race of this stock trial (I participate at 7 seven trials and then I won 14 races), The secret is to use manual with clutch.
It give you a great advantage in acceleration.
I’m a good driver but I think that manual with clutch is a great help.

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Just Manual could work for most as well, clutch especially when using a controller, needs some getting used to. Both beat Automatic in my opinion.

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Manual does (or has in the past) have artificially boosted speed over automatic. This can be easily tested true comparing the settings with any of the vehicles that don’t shift. But personally I find manual shifting saps all the fun out of driving, much less making the process needlessly more complicated with a clutch.

It shouldn’t be that hard to win from 12th on the grid. Here’s me giving everyone 10 seconds headstart:

You’ll have to take my word for it that I also caught the lead AI in the last minute.

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I’ve never been able to get MC shifts that quick with a controller on xbox 1x. Even after swapping clutch and shifts so hitting both buttons at the same time seams easy. The car was still fun to drive on manual and an easier week than week 1.

I’m glad I’m not the only one that couldn’t decide in which gear to run throguh all the waterways :smiley:
Either hitting the limiter in 3rd or drop dead in 4th.
Perfect example of bad gearbox track matching.


Look easy enough :smiley:.
I made a remark earlier on how this is difficult for the decent but not great players, a catagory I would consider myself to be in, and I do stand by that remark.
I need more practice in order to be able to do this.

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Too easy. Blocked the ai after taking 1st in race 1 then got bored and flew away in race 2. People weren’t seeming to keep the power down when braking which you have to do in this car.

True. Controlling the throttle seems to be a key factor.

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So I tried it again with lower tire pressure - 24 PSI front and rear. The initial launch is better with the higher tire pressure, but I found that the lower pressures helped to hold the corners better. With the higher pressure, I was washing out in the turns, and couldn’t hold the inside line to pass. Big difference.
I also had a much better starting position - 3rd or 4th for two races. That start position made a world of difference. Easy 1st place wins - for 2 races.
The AI were much easier to pass, because they basically screwed up at some point, and if you are right on their bumper, it was an easy pass.
When I previously started last or second to last, it was pure He## to try to pass the back pack AI cars. They didn’t mess up on turns, and held inside lines that made it very difficult to get around them.
I still maintain my original thought.
Starting position was a “highly plausible” determining factor on how you placed in the races.

I still think If this was an A Class Trial - it would have been a blast.
Drivers skill was needed, no doubt, but I think that driving skill would have been a much bigger factor if this was A Class. . .

When I wasn’t sabotaged by disconnect issues, and having started last, getting crucified by fairly insane teammates who were more interested in blasting me than anything else, I eventually got it done with a slate of sane people. Stock or no, it’s the same old problems with me anyway.